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    Tuesday 21.6.17:

    No sensei will be available this week. I offered to come early for the kids classes to help a friend who will already be there. One more friend said he will also come somewhat earlier. So, when I came, there were actually three adults to teach the was boy who showed up...

    Children karate class: 17:00(15 - I came late) - 18:05:
    We started with a short circuit training with bodyweight exercises. Then kihon that the boy might use for his grading and kihon ido. I noticed by then his glance to the clock and reminded the friend who was teaching that the class may be already over by 18:05 and that there was a dad waiting already. It turned out the class should have actually ended at 17:50 :oops:

    I participated in most exercises, but had to often run away for a handkerchief, because, probably upon my return from Croatia, starting today I caught a nasty cold. I had a slight sore thriat ever since coming back and now this... exactly what one would need just before the grading :mad:

    Karate - 18:30-20:00:
    Started with Sanchin kata to help a friend with it. Considering I couldn't really breath through the nose, I didn't even attempt to just try going through the motions.
    There were five of us and we agreed we'd practise bunkai. Our group of three started with Saifa and Seiyunchin - each side slowly, then "full power". After that all the bunkai from Gekisai Dai Ichi to Seiyunchin once and fast one after another. And the only black belt in our group continued with Shisochin and Sanseru.
    Ippon kumite once and kata Seiyunchin once. And a bit of a belly work-out (I seemed to have my belly muscles sore after all from yesterday's CF).

    I am considering skipping CrossFit tommorrow, though I wanted to come. The cold is something that would be a big bother and I only have two more entrances till the end of June, so I might as well leave them for the next week...
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    WHITE ROCK TRAINING CAMP and grading (23.-25.6. 2017)

    It is this time of year again, my fourth training camp at Bílá Skála (White Rock). A weekend seminar of our Czech IOGKF - six dojos. This year, the record of the highest number of participants was broken supposedly, wiht over 90 people present (though this umber included also those parents who decided to come with their kids to spend a nice weekend outside).

    FRIDAY 23.6.:
    There was an evening training, which, as we heard, was great and physically engaging, but unfortunately our car departed too late and we knew from the start we won't make it. It is a 2-hour long drive from Prague.
    We, however, stopped at several places with one particular shope that had sales for Prosecco, which we wanted to gift to one of our friends for her birthday - six bottles, to be precise, as she loves it. We had to visit 4 shops along the way before we found one where they still had it. Therefore arrived slightly late and were bombarder by messages where the heck we are (since we had to sausages for the bonfire and another car's crew counted them as their dinner) :)

    SATURDAY 24.6.:

    Early morning training (8:30-9:20):
    Sanchin kata. We were divided into two groups - we were in the more advanced one. And we practised Sanchin to the detail, both the usual, Chojun Miyagi's Sanchin and the turning one, Kanryo Higaonna's Sanchin. I managed to get my healt under control and wasn't feeling bad anymore, except for an only slight sore throat, but a nasty rhinitis, which complicated my Sanchin breathing... somewhat. I had to run towards my pack of handkerchiefs stored nearby from time to time... more often than I'd like.

    General morning training (9:30-12:00):
    Unlike the previous training, the kids could also participate here. There is a custom of the national seminars, and that is that yudansha - black belts (or 3rd dans up), or sometimes black belts with 1st kyus (which may or may not be since there is basically only one person of this grade in our association and he currently studies at Cambridge and visits only from time to time. He flew over for this weekend, though, in preparation for his black belt grading in a month). Whe all these sempais leave, the warm-up and junbi undo for everyone is left to the next highest belt. The only 2nd kyu did this on the last seminar and today, for the first time, me and my partner from our dojo - the one I mention often here, were asked to take care of it today. The warm-up was for the 40 minutes or so, so the sempais had time to practise their advanced kata and bunkai. I wasn't the one leading the warm-ups, only demonstrating on the other end of the line and correcting. There was no way I could have shouted the counting with my sore troat and breath through my "clogged" nose at the same time. We then did some partner stretching and exercises. Like one takes the partner on their back and walk forward with 10 front kicks. Of course, for the demonstration, we always chose the more convinient setting - I was the one being stretched as I was the more flexible one, while I wasn't doing the mae-geri, but hopped on the guy, who is obviously heavier :D Which, of course, provoked some remarks and challenges from our always discontented friend, so in the end, I had to demonstrate the mae geri, too, of course, with both of us making a complete poker face, as we previously tried I can do this :D We really wanted to shut the other party up :) We did a few other partner exercises and 10x Neko Undo before the senseis arrived.

    It has gotten quite late. Maybe our Junbi Undo was somewhat longer, as we finished at 10.45. Then we were divided into 5 groups according to belts (or one for kids). Our group was black belts up and we, ehm, conveniently found ourselves the only shade available as the sun was... hot. And no other group seemed to want to rush here :D
    Since we didn't have much time left, it was divided into three blocks of only 20 minutes. Each block we got a different sensei and did different things.

    First block

    ...was dedicated to Shisochin kata. Most of the people knew it, including us, so we practised under the guidance of our sensei, who explained some tricky parts of the kata and we practised the two main bunkai to see the difference between two similar techniques found in the kata - one being breaking the elbow, another one quite similar, but ending in leading the person in a circular motion down to the ground.

    Second block

    ...we had a sensei who says whatever he thinks, just as he thinks it. With him we practised kakie, which wasn't surprising. He basically never teaches kata or bunkai, but he's great when it comes to take downs, locks and similar things, while looking for a practical solution. We did kakie kumite with some of the technique he had shown ond some we could do on our own. My partner now was a nidan - the most experienced person there, probably, so he mostly taught me stuff. At one point sensei came to us and he also wanted to demonstrate soemthing to him. When senseis decided to do this, they generally use the person't sparring partner - me. We previously already took the kakie easy, taking our time to think or explain things adn focus on the techniques rather than the strenght of the kakie (we did work out at the beginning, though). I automatically went as easy on the sensei to immediately have him shout loudly enough for everyone to hear: "Dammit, Nacházelová, work!". Sensei showed us a somewhat different wrist lock to what we were doing at the moment. We tried that, too, though my partner explained he liked this one less, as it leaves me with a free arm that basically can reach for his head when he's vulnerable. I though if the technique is done well and fast, it would be hard to actually use that arm, so he wanted to show me he can do it. I was attempting the wrist lock - not overly fast, of course. He started to theatrically cry out with his free arm going in a small ark towards me. I though, at that time, he was demonstrating with a fitting battle cry, but then decided his wrist, of course, isn't very flexible and he actually cried out in pait O:) Oh.... well, maybe I was right as he really didn't have thoughts to actually try to hit me :D

    Third block:

    Was with a 3rd dan sensei, using his time to make us practise Shisochin bunkai. Not much time for long explaining, we practised in groups of three - me with my previous partner and my kobudo sensei, who generally does different karate style, but knows some goju things, too, and only comes to some seminars if he has time. I realised at the end that we actually forgot to practise two bunkai - I only learned them a year ago without much practise since, so it took me 20 minutes to realise....

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    White Rock training camp and GRADING (23.-25.6. 2017) part II

    This is the main term for grading every year. And today, there were 28 people of virous grades taking the challenge! The grading started at 5 PM in hopes it wouldn't be that hot anymore. Well, it was, but it was slowly getting better as the grading continued. Me and the above mentione partner were attempting 2nd kyu and we found out, there are 2 other guys from other dojos, who are going, too. We were hoping me and my partner would be an obvious choise to make a pair for the partner things, but these two messed this idea up. In case they wouldn't want us to be partners as we are used to each other (precisely the reason why we did want to partner up), we might run into trouble. Or... I might run into trouble, because these guys are both at least 30 cm, or at leat one very likely even more taller than me. I think they wouldn't be happy to have me as their partner, either, so we made a pact with them, too, as they were more than willing :D

    The grading started with kihon and then kihon ido. We were allowed a few specified breaks for drinking, which isn't a rule, because of the weather and maybe because it would be hard on the kids and they were fair to us adults, too. Sensei said something about giving it our all, no one is interested if we become nauseaus or something, it is only our choice to continue, making it very clear he would listen to no whining. There were two senseis grading 28 people, so for each technique we did over and over, we had to do them several dozens of times, becasue it took time for senseis to check every single person. It was tiring. After kihon ido people started to not look too good or said something about spinning heads and feeling sick. I was tired, especially after the kicks, but ok otherwise. After that came the San Dan Gis and kata in line - both solo and in pairs. Then the kata - having people step up from the line, belt after belt, others waiting till they finish all their kata - a nice break for us, but we weren't allowed to drink, sit or find a shade, just stand in the sun.
    Lastly, our group was probably the largest, as senseis took blue belts and browns together (6 people), probably because they trusted we can do the basic kata well enough and they only split us in two groups of three for Saifa and Seiyunchin. It was then only me and the two tall guys. I somehow had a feeling that when I last saw them, their kata was dynamic, but quite lacking the soft part that is often easier for women and therefore strong and fast, but maybe a bit rushed. Quite different from mine. So I isolated them from my mind since the beginning and let them go at their own pace while I cleared my mind and followed my own pace, in a way I was taught and to the best of my ability - as I believed, at least.
    The Sanchin kata was performed by all people (beginning with green belt) at once, without shime this time.
    The kata bunkai were then also done by groups. I thought it would be endless before we finished everything, but to my great surprise, we were asked to only do Seiyunchin kata, not the ones from our previous kata. Fair enough, there are 15 bunkai for the first 3 kata altogether, but 12 for Seiyunchin alone. They were done on one side only, alternating sides, first doing the bunkai technically and slow (without take downs, for exemple, as we decided), and then fast, full power, with kiai etc. I think we did quite well, though I was a bit afraid. It turned out the time before dinner was up, so there was not all the things they could have tested. Senseis still labeled this grading as the more difficult one - probably becasue of the prolonged kihon because of the sheer number of people grading - and the hot weather. Last part of every grading is the strenght and endurance part - for 2nd kyu we would be asked to do 80 sit-ups, sumo squats and push-ups. However, senseis can change that and they did to prevent us to have to lie down into the grass in our white gis. Therefore we were to do burpees - the thing I worried most about! I am perfectly willing to do the original work-out if they don't force me to do a songle burpee. Luckily, though, they lessened the difficulty by having our group do only 40 and simplified ones on top of that - without the push-up. Still, this makes for a terrible burpee cardio I hate. I took breaks and went slowlier and slowlier. However, I am very certain people cheated. I was the last doing burpees since my 30th one and there were quite a few people doing 40 - since green belt, I think. Well, it was exhausting, but no reason for me to cheat, too, even if I was last by far. I then had someone tell me that I did at least 60, he was sure, but... well... or course I didn't :D There is no reason I would do that and trust me, when it comes to something like burpees, I count VERY carefully :D People seemed ver exhausted, I felt like after a regular CrossFit training XD ... if it was outside. I guess I have CrossFit to thank for me not feeling sick during the grading, too :)

    The results were announced after dinner. Out of the 28 people, 4 unfortunately didn't pass. And one person wanted to go for double grading failed at that, but passed one grade. As for us brown belts, we all passed and were given 2nd kyu. :) Our dojo's sensei praising us we did well, which I was of course, happy about :)

    After that we celebrated the organizing sensei's 40th birthday and our dojo also had a small celebration by the fire of two of our friend's birtday as well. One got the Proseccos, as for the other, I proposed to buy her a voucher for my CrossFit place's On Ramp beginner course. She found it and asked me about it some time ago, wanting to try. She wanted to get more thing, but in the end she decided she wouldn't have time to visit regularly later. It is not the cheapest thing so of course she would think twice, so this course being given to her as a present, overcoming this issue, will give her a chance to try. She seemed happy about the present and I am looking forward to seeing her in the gym! :)
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    The dancing banana emoji's of the old board are no longer available, so I'll just have to say YAY! - Well Done, Black Belt is just around the corner! ;)

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    Thank you Travess, it will still take time and affort to pass that corner :) Maybe one day, though :D
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    WHITE ROCK TRAINING CAMP and grading (23.-25.6. 2017) part III

    SUNDAY 25.6.:

    Early morning training (8:30-9:20):

    Sanchin Shime practise. Sensei always explained one thing how to check Sanchin, starting from checking the posture up to checking the movements and techniques, all explained in detail and tried with partner. Then we ran through Sanchin, too, without shime.

    General morning training (9:30-12:00):

    Warm-up and Junbi Undo was handed to the other pair of brown belts, who passed the grading with us. It was done a bit differently, also with plenty of solo and different partner stretching and it was done really well, at least in my opinion. My partner for the stretching had trouble with her Achilles heel for perhaps half a year. When, after we were shown a stretching pose we don't usually do, a terrible cracking sounded from her. I thought it was her back, but instead it was her ankle and she seemed happy that her heel finally feels free and painless. If she healed it like that, I'll be very happy for her :)

    Again, we had time for about three blocks by 20 minutes.

    First block:

    Again, our group practised Shisochin kata with different sensei than yesterday, also explaining some details, correcting me turning shoulders at the very beginning, which is almost identical to Sanchin, so I will have to work on it in both of the katas.

    Second block:

    Was with the head sensei from our dojo, who had us practise or taught the Renzoku kumite - kata in line. More precisely for Gekisai Dai Ni and Saifa kata. Probably other than some from our dojo, no one knew Saifa Renzoku, so we proceeded step by step and just finished a short practise in pairs when the time was up.

    All the senseis taught all the groups once, so this last block was for all people together. I was almost certain, it will be the final terrible technique work-out same as the past two years, but (luckily), it was kata demonstration that is sometimes done at the end of seminars. Meaning we sit down as sensei invites those who's highest kata they know is Gekisai Dai Ichi and so on. They step up, demonstrate the kata together for all to see what they learned or how they progressed from last time or simply to see the more advanced kata that aren't demonstrated too often. Of course, most people took their turn at Gekisai Dai Ichi, Ni and Saifa. Me and friend wondered what kata to step up for, since, technically, out of the brown belts, probably only the two of us "know" Shisochin and we practised it quite a bit this weekend. I tended to be a bit more conservative and go with Seiyunchin that we know much better and practised a lot and also I didn't want to look like I think Seiyunchin is beyond me and I can freely do Shisochin, since I don't think that is the case. We decided to go for Seiyunchin with the other 3 or 4 brown belts and maybe stay for Shisochin, since sensei always asked those who demonstrated if they wanted to stay and try the next kata they don't know too well. This time, though, sensei never said that, so I looked at him and we were about to go back, but sensei beckoned slightly to stay, I think and the other sensei openly told us to stay so that the only person who stepped up for Shisochin isn't there alone (I never realised there would only be one). We tried this kata, too, and I did have quite a good feeling from it. Like I learned it a year ago, but almost never practised with sensei and heard any corrections, so I only remembered the steps, more or less. This weekend was great for learning, though, and I just realised we will need to learn this kata well for our next grading.
    After that, two blackbelts (basically senseis) demonstrated Sanseru. Two women black belts including our sensei, together with my kobudo sensei, who learned this kata elsewhere and it was slightly different, especially for the timing performed Sepai. What a beautiful kata and how well was it done! Wow, I have newly found respect for the girls, whom I focused most of my attention on. Another sensei showed Kururunfa, whom he practises for his upcoming 4th dan grading and our two 5th dan senseis performed Seizan together. Wow. Beuatiful again. No one dares to claim to know and show Suparinpei, the highest kata, though. So there are not many occasions where I can see it.

    The weekend seminar ended like that. The 12 of us returning to Prague went for a lunch, though. I announced my decision to eat healthy to also get slim when I ordered a salad. One of my friends asked me why would I do that. "Because I don't think I eat healthy and I am fat." How simple :D Now, as I told it aloud, which I previously tried to avoid, I can't back down easily! :D
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    Monday - I was thinking about some in-line skating, but it was quite late before I finished my work and in the end I made it a rest day.

    Tuesday 27.6.

    Had an appointment today at the Faculty I used to study at. And training at the dojo later today. I thought I wouldn't come because of time and because I can't go by car to the center where the faculty is and it would take too long to go back home. And then, I came up with a perfect plan! Why don't I take my bike for a ride? :)

    I never before rode a bike to the faculty. The trip there is nice, most of the time on the bikeway. Until you get to the center where I pretended I am either a car or a pedestrian, depending on which was more convenient. :) I didn't have my helmet at home and there aren't any special paths for bikes there, so I had to join the heavy traffic. Only for a while luckily. After the appointment and discussing some future cooperation, I went straight to the dojo. First down back to the river and to the south. I checked the approximate way, but missed the right turn, so I made my trip slightly longer. I tried a new app to measure my distance by GPS, but still switched my tachometer on. Well, I dropped the tachometer at the faculty, the battery fell off and the distance was deleted. And the app showed 52 km, which was an obvious nonsense. Including both trips (to facutly, then to the dojo), I rode for approximately 1:35 min and 25 km. The only precise measurement is from faculty to dojo, which took 43 minutes and was close to 13 km.

    Karate (close to 2 hours):
    After discussion we thoutght it would be good to work on our friends kime. We started, or rather, my friend who was teaching spoke about kime and we all practised. Rest of the class was about kata. We did GKI, GKN, Saifa, Seiyunchin and Shisochin once slowly, once fast, but spent some time explaining details of Seiyunchin to a friend and teaching Shisochin to another. So there was no time for bunkai or anything less.

    I don't have a front light on my bike and it was too late to ride back home, so I went by a tram and will have to pick my bike at the dojo later...
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    Wednesday 28.6.17:

    Today's plan was CrossFit and although I didn't sleep too well and was tired, I went (after more than a week).

    CrossFit (1 hour):

    This one training was led by the coach that I only had a couple of times - a former weightlifter. Just before the class, there were storm and the air was warm, humid and heavy, which counted for another slight difficulty :)

    - Warm-up: probably 4 minutes of: 5 med ball cleans (14 lbs), 5 half-burpees (without the jump) and 2 rounds run around the gym. We almost finished the third round.

    - Main program: BEAR COMPLEX: Hang power clean + front squat + push press + back squat + push-press. Started with an empty bar, adding more. I went up to 35 kg. In the meantime someone borrowed my 2,5 kg discs, which I would need next, but since it seemed the time was almost up, I kept this weight for a while. If I knew how much time was left, I'd go find some other discs, because I think I could lift more, but still, better practise the technique. The coach was watching over and explained some details to me - keep elbows back in the back squat and he had a lot to say about my clean. "Feet apart when you finish! It's a POWER clean!" or something... as if that told me anything :D Basically he had me repeat it over several times, because I start lifting fast from the beginnign, while the beginning should be quite slow and only then accelerate fast. I also shouldn't throw the bar up too much, but lower myself under it while putting the feet apart. Eeeeh, tooo many movements at once! I tried my best and it looked better, so he said to keep it in mind and we'll work on the technique more when there's more time for cleans in particular.

    - 5 minute practise of kipping pull-ups. Again. Can't do them, again. But, even for the kipping ones the two of us girls were advised to take a resistance band (or what it's called). I think I do know how the kipping motion should roughly go, but I couldn't replicate it with the band. Until coach came, explained, cought my legs and butt or whenever and helped me with the motion. I usually stop after one rep because I don't know what to do once I finish, but he made me go 5 straight, until my grip started to fail me. When he basically lifted me up for the last one, he let me go. Whew... On the other hand, when I was shown this way, I understood a bit more how the motion should continue and that the band indeed helps and isn't just and annoying "help", that in fact, completely destroys the remains of the motion I think I learned a little :D

    - WoD: Wow, a tough one today! Though "only" 13 minutes given to finish:
    21 hang power snatches (I think that's the name) - RX for women 20 kg
    21 wall balls - RX for women 14 lbs
    21 pistol squats or goblet squat with a 16 kg kettlebell for women
    15 hang power snatches
    15 wall balls
    15 pistol or goblet squats
    9 hang power snatches
    9 wall balls
    9 pistol or goblet squats

    First, I was certain he said power cleans, so I didn't hesitate to indeed take the 20 kg barbell. I was surprised everyone started to pracise snatches... Nevermind, 20 kg doesn't seem like too much. That is, until you have to do 20 of them XD But I didn't change my mind once I loaded the bar. I took the RX weight for wallballs, too. I was certain I am going to regret it. I hate them. But the whole motion is difficult and for the throw, I thought 14 or 10 lbs doesn't make a dramatic difference anyway. The squat will still be there, the throw, too. For the squats I wanted to try pistols. We could use bar for balance, but I wanted to do at least the first few by myself, with a 4 kg kettlebell to balance myself indeed. I was already exhausted after the snatches and wall balls, that I took my time and after 4 I moved to the bar for balance. Coach was watching. He didn't say anything about my inability to keep the leg straight in front of me the whole time, but was urging me to go faster and then advised to take the 16 kg kettlebell and do goblet squats instead, because like this, I'd spent 5 minutes just squatting. He was right of course, the goblets were much better and I could do them much faster. At least int he first round, that is :p
    It was terrible, especially the wallballs, the easiest were probably the snatches. I really wanted to finish the WoD in time and I managed! I think even my ears sweated, my hair were completely wet and I was covered in a layer of sweat everywhere. But I finished! At 11:52 actually! For that I pushed the squats and did the final 9 rather fast, which nearly killed me, but I did! :) I am happy about it becasue I am sure, I wouldn't be able to do that a while back. 11:52 wasn't the best time, but I don't think anyone finished like a minute earlier, for example. After that, I just sat where I finished, but couldn't even keep myself sitting and was lying exhausted, trying to calm my breath. Wow, I haven't sweated like this since Okinawa! The heavy stormy air probably helped it, but still. And strangely, just after I stretched properly and left, I started to look forward to the next class right away :) I am slowly starting to get this CrossFit obsession that keeps people want to return and crawl back home again :) Though I am also getting better in that my legs aren't a complete jelly when walking back home, even if I finish exhausted. :)

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    Friday 30.6.

    CrossFit (1 hour):
    - Last class from my bought coupon, meaning my 23th training.
    Today there were quite a lot of people going to the training at my favourite time, which is my favourite precisely because theres only few people usually. So I decided to go later. And I remembered the other reason why I like to go earlier - there is no training before that, so I can't see what terrible thing is on program in action - watching the people dripping with sweat and doing what they can to finish.... wasn't actually very motivating :D And I could see there was something nasty for today's WoD :D
    There was a coach I so far only had one training with.

    - Warm-up: 4 minutes of: Ground to overhead with a 10 kg disk 8x, 6x lunges with the disk over head, 4x burpees
    - Stretching - not the usual one and it was basically just another form of work-out :D - rotating arms in place spread to the sides and then pointing up. Some holding with body and legs off the ground, arms pointing in the direction of the body and so on

    - Main practise: Snatch. EMOM - do 3 snatches each minute for 8 minutes, add weight. I ended with 33 kg.
    - Main practise II: Plyo jump. From sitting on a bench in front of a box, jump on the box. There was one for us three girls and one for the three guys. We did 50 cm, 60 cm, 70 cm and that's where I stopped. The guys seemed to have a tower twice that height almost, the other girls brought two more discs, but I couldn't bring myself to try. Honestly, I was scared and I felt I couldn't jump that hight and would trip and fall on my hurting teeth. I tried sitting down and the girls cheering me up to try, but no use, I just couldn't. And I found a new weak side of myself :) In high school, I was probably best in our class in jumping to the distance, but this... no way. Not for me. I am a scaredy cat :D

    - WoD: And here it comes, I dreaded it ever since I saw the previous group :D It was also a bit complicated today.
    We were to do 4 rounds of:
    - 21 front squats (RX for girls was 35 kg, which seemed like a lot. I didn't know what weight to take, I decided after the discussion with the other girl to try only 20 kg. It wasn't the only exercise there after all and 21 reps isn't too little, either. I probably could do more, but no doubt, it would take more time. Maybe I'll push myself more next time).
    - 5 rounds around the gym (my guess it could add up to 500 m, but I'm not sure).
    ....and at the same time do EMOM with push-ups. Meaning every time a new minute sounds, you drop what you're doing and do push-ups. First one, then two, all the way to 7 (10 for guys) and when you reach that, you do 7 every minute from then. I pushed myself at least here and did proper ones, not on my knees, like even some guys. Usually I had to take a short break after 5, though.

    The time limit was 20 minutes. I was behind the girls, quite behind one of them, who was more experienced, I think, but not sure how, I ended up finishing first among them... My time was 19:20. Then from what someone said and the coach, too (though I wasn't sure if he was serious), after a while of lying down, I understood we were to continue till the time limit runs out. So I managed 7 more push-ups and 10 squats before the time was over, though some guys were looking at me and not understanding what I am doing. Well, we probably didn't have to in the end. Never mind, though :D

    Also starting with the warm-up I could feel some pressure in my knees. Probably from the last training. After all those front squats, my left knee hurts a bit more. I am not sure what is the cause, but can't shake away the memory of the coaches there previously reprimanding me to not move the knees inside when lifting the barbell.... Maybe I should take a special care to make sure I don't do that... :/
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    We went to our family's cottage and through a bit of well-planned pressure I talked my dad into taking his car and bringing our bicycles. He didn't want at first, but after our ride today, he was glad he did and already plans our next trips.

    We rode for 31,5 km, which took 2:03 hours. Not the fastest speed, but considering the terrain at some places and that the landscape isn't exectly flat... The short trip was great, though :)

    And as a side note, after 12 days of my eating healthy and trying to loose weight, I got a chance to check my progress on a weight machine. And... I didn't lose anything! Not a single dag, dammit! :mad: There has to be a mistake somewhere, just wait when I figure where, exactly!
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    I've spent the past days at our family's cottage. Some days working, but finding time at least in the evening for a bit of sport:

    Tuesday 4.7.:

    Cycling for 1 hour, 58 minutes, distance covered: 25, 46 km.

    Wednesday 5.7.:

    Walk at a nice forest covered area - Brdy for around 2,5 hours, distance covered: somewhere between 12-14 km.

    Thursday 6.7.:

    Visiting an acquintance and not too a long trip: 1,5 hour walk, a bit over 7 km.

    Friday 7.7.:

    For today we saved probably the best cycling trail we know here - to Skryje. It was again a bit hilly and also through a terrain my bike isn't really made for, including carrying the bike over some rocks (glad I practised one-legged squats, one also came in handy with a bike on my shoulder crossing the last bit). This ride ledt me fairly tired, overall and my legs: 36,3 km done in 2:28.
    And a... maybe half an hour of leaisure swimming in a pond.

    I am still trying to eat, well, more or less heatly and at least I am keeping myself in check at some occasions. I realised the fact I didn't lose a single dag may be related to the fact that I weighed myself before out trip to Croatia, where it is highly likely I gained some and then 9 days after return. So perhaps, just perhaps, my diet payed off a bit at least.... :)
  12. Nachi

    Nachi Well-Known Member Supporter

    Continuing a similar regime:

    Saturday 8.7.:

    Short bike ride to a pond: 6,9 km in 25:54, then a bit od paddling on our canoe-shaped boat, around 20 minutes? - with relaxing in between.
    Evening walk around 6 km in 1:15

    Sunday 9.7.:

    Our traditional walk onto a hill - Plešivec - with nice view of the landscape: around 10 km in 2:50.

    Monday 10.7.:

    Again a hill walk (Radeč): 9,5 km in 2:19.
  13. Nachi

    Nachi Well-Known Member Supporter

    Tuesday 11.7.:

    Rainy day, cycling trip postponed and only did an around 40 minutes and 3 km long walk to a grocery store. Several, to be honest, as it is hard to find some items like milk and bananas in this town!

    Wednesday 12.7.:

    Cycling trip to a castle near our cottage. I planned a way there I didn't know before and it was completely awesome, riding several km fast down the hill (even with the aggressive buzzard that tried to attack me twice on the way. It looked that way, at least. What the...?). :) The way back was worse, though :D Also I... well, I don't really know why since I didn't go inside in the end, rode up all the way up the hill to the castle. Up the terribly frightening hill I mean :D I planned to stop there and there to catch my breath, but in the end, I finished it in one go. Why did they built castles on the hills? :D
    27,5 km in 1:55. Altitude risen: 580 m, calories burnt (the apps are sooo clever these days :D): 834.

    Thursday 13.7.:

    Letting my legs rest before another bike ride and went for a walk today - on a path near Kublov I've never been to and a very nice one through the forests most of the way on narrow paths without any people whatsoever. :)
    10,5 km in 2:26, altitude: 303 m, calories: 780.
  14. Nachi

    Nachi Well-Known Member Supporter

    Friday 14.7.:

    I planned a new trace for cycling. I rode around 33 km in 2:40 (time includes frequent breaks to check the map...and to catch some breath, too). Altitude climbing: probably around 400-450 m (though my other app says over 700, which is probably wrong, though I did feel quite tired :D), calories burned: 575 (probably a useless info, but I might as well add it :D ).

    Saturday 15.7.:

    A walk for 8-8,5 km in 2:30 to Týřov - a castle in a hilly terrain, that, unfortunately, wasn't accessible. Altitude lcimbed between 400-428 m, calories: 575.

    Sunday 16.7.:

    Bike trip: 30 km in 1:48 (time doesn't include breaks), altitude climbed: 274 m (we picked probably the easiest trail nearby :) ), calories: 274.

    After long 15 days outside in the forests, I finally returned to Prague..... :(
    But! I had a chance to step on a weighing machine after all this time, and.... guess what? Yep, I pretty much lost 1,4 kg! My first diet and it works ^^ The plan is to lose 0,5 to 1 kg a week, which, apparently worked perfectly now. So happy! ^^
  15. Nachi

    Nachi Well-Known Member Supporter

    Monday 17.7.

    The friend we bought a voucher for an On Ramp course to my local CrossFit just goes to her 10 days of free classes and since I'm finally in Prague, I promised to meet with her there today. I met familiar faces after the two weeks and was surprised even the coach noticed I was away. She must have an amazing memory to remember all the people there...

    CrossFit (1 hour):

    - Warm-up: 5 mins of: 10 jumping jacks, 10 air squats, 10 sit-ups. I think I did at least 5 rounds.
    - Slightly longer stretching.

    - Main Program: EMOM: Do 3 deadlifts and 3 power cleans every minute for 10 minutes. We started practising with an empty bar and add weight. As usual, I had no idea how much weight should I try to put on. I went to get 30 kg and asked the coach who offered her advise. I was worried if it is not too much, but the coach said as I know you, this will be good, maybe add some more later if it is too little. Well, I wasn't of a mind to add more, though as the minutes progressed, I realised perhaps I should have. I was done in the first 17 seconds usually and could have pushed myself more, especially since this was the only really strenght work today.

    - 50 toes to bars on time. I tried three toes to bars and then went onto lifting only knees. Coach wanted us to keep the kipping motion there at least, but while I can do just a few toes to bars with the kipping, I've little idea how to implement the kipping into knees to elbows. Anyway, I went really slow, jumping down off the bar every 1-5 exercises because of my weak grip and yet again my tender hands as I have been absent for some time now. I was sure I am going to tear some calluses off and I did, though only on one hand, which unfortunately doesn't mean the other doesn't hurt either...
    Finished in a bad time of about 4:30.

    - And finally, today's WoD was Carmen. Ever since I heard what it was, I wasn't very happy. Only a single exercise - do 150 wall-balls on time. Took the lightest 10 lbs ball and still finished late - at 10:17. Coach asked when I looked tired if the legs hurt, but no, there was no problem with the lags, I honestly did my squats as deep as I could, all of them, but the problem was the cardio. Again, I had to take my breaks to catch my breath. And applied the advised strategy of setting a number of reps to do in one go and get a short break. I did pause after every ten.

    I hate the wall-balls, but as there was only this one exercise and nothing else to spend me in between, it wasn't as terrible as I thought it would. Definitely sweated, but it wasn't the worst training I remember. And no matter how hard I think of it, it is very suspicious of how long I haven't done any burpees!
  16. Nachi

    Nachi Well-Known Member Supporter

    Oh and there were some photos released from the Con we've had a karate demonstration at in the middle of June. So time for a couple of action photos!
    Also, remember, this is the fattest me you'll see!

    Hojo Undo - three-person makiwara and kongoken:


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  17. Nachi

    Nachi Well-Known Member Supporter

    Tuesday: So, after a while, I took a complete rest day :) I originally planned to go out on my inlines for a bit, but... my legs were kind of sore and I felt lazy (as often when no one is standing above me, and commanding me to work) :D

    Wednesday 19.7.17:

    I wanted to go and promised people I'd go, so I ignored my still somewhat sore legs and torn calluses on the hands (that I put a plaster over, but I alredy know that it is a miracle if they last more than 10 minutes of CF...)

    I... checked the whiteboard for today's programme. And when I did, all of my enthusiasm went out of the roof. This was going to be tough...

    - Warm-up: 4 minutes of: 30x skipping (there are new ropes, but I still can't get them not to get stuck on my shoe laces or wherever or I just really can't skip..., 12 lunges, 8 ground to overhead with a 10 kg disk.

    - Main programme:
    Do: 30x strict press - women with 15 kg
    20x push press - women with 20 kg
    10x push jerk
    - women with 25 kg fast as you can
    I managed the strict presses without a break, which gained me some time over other people. Then one break in each push press and push jerk. After finishing the last one, it felt like this is indeed my limit and I wouldn't be able to lift it a single time more. Regardless, at least among our group I finished with relatively a good time: 4:38.
    - Another practise:
    If you can do them, do 30 pistol squats as fast as you can, ideally holding a 5kg disk while you're at it. Or... practise pistol squats with any method shown. So I tried practising on a box. My sore legs didn't agree much, but after doing and failing a few, I managed a few good ones. We practised for around 5 mins.
    - WOD:
    Yep, no way to avoid it. Looks terrible even just written on the board. Luckily, it seems that from the previous classes, only about a single person managed to actually finish it. Doing a bit over half of it in time wasn't very rare, either.

    - In 16 minutes do 4 rounds of:
    - 4 laps around the gym
    - 21 box jumps
    - 15 cleans (RX for women 35 kg, but, ehm, not many did. Likewise, I took less, was thinking about 25, but only later realised I actually put on 30. Well, I don't think either would change my performance much)
    - 9 pull-ups/RX: chest-to-bars

    ...yep, ridiculous :D
    I asked coach if they had plasters by chance. Mine had already gone and I had skin torn on both hands, on even bleeding tinily as I took the blister out. Coach's advise was to just bear with it and put a lot of magnesium off. Apparently it is not a big deal and I am sure it happens often. Still, it hurt like crazy :D I tried to tell myself I can endure some pain, no problem. But one thing is endure when something hurts consttantly and another is to voluntarily grip a bar and do the same motion that tore the skin in the first place. I, ehm, kind of managed to do the cleans holding the bar mostly on my fingers O:) And... for the pull-ups, did my usual jumping into them from a box, but, while I usually try to use the muscles to get them used to the exercise, today... was really bad. I basically just jumped on the bar, unable to force myself to actually hold it tight. And... by the second round, the coach saw. ... "What are you doing?" He then told me to rather do pull ups on the rings while standing on the ground, but... when I looked at the timer, we apparently only had over two minutes left and there was no way I could get to the third round's pull-ups anyway :D
    With my taking breaks to inwardly scream how it huuuurts and re-adjust the grip and my slow box jumps when I had to force myself to go for another one all the time, I got quite behind the group time-wise. In the 16 minutes I only finished 2 rounds, the 4 laps and all box jumps of the third round. Well, I thought others were further ahead than they were, at least some. But heck, today was difficult. And hot. I let my body collapse to the floor when the time ran out, as just about everyone else. I could feel my face buuurning, felling like my body temperature just about doubled, I left a sweaty spot wherever I touched the floor, while wiping the sweat from my eyes with my sweaty arm. Wow, all my clothes were wet through and through, even the top that actually isn't that easy to get sweaty spots on. And even after shower I couldn't get myself dry, not sure if becasue of the humidity, or rather, because I was still sweating. Disgusting :D
  18. Nachi

    Nachi Well-Known Member Supporter

    Saturday 21.7.17:

    11:30-12:30 - Karate training:

    The Prague European Gasshuku is around the corner now and a member of our dojo who went to study at Cambridge returned earlier and wanted to train, so a few of us came, too. He practised witht another man, so me and another girl practised by ourselves, too. All the bunkai, San Dan Gi Ichi, Ni, San, Shi, Renzoku kumite Ichi, Ni, Saifa, Ippon Kumite and kata: Ichi, Ni, Saifa, Seiyunchin and Shisochin together with the guys.

    After a lunch we returned to the dojo to help senseis organize things for the gasshuku. I folded a few hundred T-shirts and we were putting them into gift bags along with small towels, maps of Prague, bulletins about the gasshuku and preparing other things. Cotninuing tommorrow and bringing things over to the gym. Some senseis and other participants already arrived. Unfortunately I had something else planned already for the evening, so I didn't go for a dinner with a group of them.
    It still didn't click in with me that starting Monday the week-long training is here, with close to 400 guests from mostly Europe, but other countries like Kazachstan, India, South Africa, Canada, Israel, maybe Argentina and others, too, coming to train together :) I am really looking forward to it :)
  19. Nachi

    Nachi Well-Known Member Supporter

    Sunday: No training, helping somewhat with organizing the Gasshuku.

    Monday, 24.7.17:


    The big week-long IOGKF karate seminar our dojo and the Czech association was organizing, finally begun!
    There are around 380 participants. Not sure if everyone came, but it was at least close to that number. There was a black-belt training in the morning, the general training started at 10.15, or, well, slightly later today.

    10:15 - 11:00 - General morning training:
    Everyone lined up in the big gym, we bowed to the highest ranking senseis - Sensei Bakkies Laubscher (9. dan) from South Africa and sensei Tetsuji Nakamura (7. dan), the IOGKF chief instructor. Sensei Nakamura introduced all the other instructors for the seminar and then let every highest-ranking representative of every country introduce themselves. The most interesting on the European Gasshuku were people from India (though sensei Mistry was invited), Kazachstan, Australia, New Zealand, Burundi, and of course countries like the USA and Canada.
    Also a team of physiotherapists from Japan - sensei Sugimoto and his team were introduced. Our sensei took special care to invite them to help treat sore or injured participants and to hold a physiotherapy seminar on Wednesday.
    After that there was a Junbi Undo led by sensei Nakamura and we were divided into 10 groups, since there were 10 instructors to teach us during the week. Our group is of 40 people - all the 3rd and 2nd kyus.

    11:10 - 12:00 - Group training - sensei Ernie Molneux (8. dan), UK:

    Sensei did some kihon - basic techniques with us along with movement techniques, then put them tgether into a combination - four combinations altogether. After practising alone, we took a partner. I had my usual partner from our dojo. It does not make much sense to not try all the other guests, but I kind of like to practise with him and vice versa I think and we know what to expect from each other, so we always managed to finish the given task quite quickly and were doing our best. At the end, we practised all the combinations in a row, taking turns, switching sides. Afterward sensei pointed to the tow of us and two others to demonstrate the last exercise - one person in the middle and four people attacking from the side for the middle person to tr all four combinations on them. One round slowly, one fast. He then told the four of us to stay together and get one more person while the rest also made groups of five. And before he left, he gently pushed my shoulder: "You go first." Great :D I had some trouble with the one step at most transitions or rather turning from one person to another. Sensei tried to get me to use little moion only to not lose time and energy. I did better on my second try and when we all finished and sensei told us to continue, but one round per person only. He stopped the class just after I finished my round. He said I did better, but quite honestly I had trouble understanding all he was saying, unfortunately. He was talking fast, with a british accent (maybe general one, but still) I am not used to, combined with the acoustics... What a pity.

    12:10 - 13:00 - Group training - sensei Bakkies Laubscher (9. dan), South Africa:

    Sensei Bakkies had us practise what he is famous, or, maybe a bit notorious for: Kihon. No matter what level you are, you can always improve your technique to build on. I actually enjoyed the class. He gives nice examples that make a lot of sense when it comes to how to do a certain or all techniques in general, as well as stances and so on. He had us practise in pairs, simple things like tsuki vs. age uke, but fast, with timing, then with added uraken powered by hip rotation in an opposite direction and it was real great. Though tough. My shoulders tended to give up at one point, sweat pouring down from us, but the training was great.

    In the breaks, people were using the servise of the Japanese physiotherapy team. I kind of regretted I have no soreness, injury or whatever to try to have them help me... Now though, sharp sound of steel hitting something like a hammer cought mine and other people's attention. Sensei Sugimoto himself was indeed sort of hammering an almost pencil-shaped object into one karatekas back. After we came watch while his students also took videos, the karateka stood up and managed to touch his toes with feet together. Apparently, he couldn't do that just a while ago. Sensei then beckoned to his students and two of them got to work on the karateka's legs. After a short while, he stood up and actually almost touched palms to the floor. What? He seemed really happy, thanked them, bowed and left. I was watching from near and the physiotherapists were also watching us back if we want to try something. I couldn't resist and just asked that sometimes I have sore my lower back, unfortunately not now... The physio showed me a point on my thigh that I can work on when it hurts. They then took my legs and worked on them similarly to the karateka before. I don't think it had any particular effect. Well, maybe just to help me relax since I didn't have any problem to begin with... But it was nice. Too bad I don't speak japanese and they don't seem to speak English too well. Anyway, I am really looking forward to their seminar.

    13:10 - 14:00 - Group training - sensei Tetsuji Nakamura (7. dan), Canada, IOGKF chief instructor:

    Just as he always is, sensei Nakamura was awesome. He practised kata Seiyunchin with us. He is characteristic for telling the whole group: Yep, this spot was nice, but do it this way and try it better. "Mo ichi do!/One more time!" With an approving smile on his face. "Yep, that was nice, but try just a little bit harder now and it will be perfect. Just one more time!" But this goes on for around 20 times at any given place and each time you have to try your hardest. And doing your next kata, he can very wel stop at the exact same place. So.... it gets quite difficult at times, too. Sensei also explained that it is how to slowly sharpen our techniques. In the 50 minutes, we only managed to go through a few whole katas. Always getting stuck at critical places. However, sensei then explained the kata in great detail. Many things were a bit different, maybe changed? from what we did, some things were new. He then demonstrated Seiyunchin to us and let us try a few times without stopping us. And explained a little about the philosophy or how to say it in any given kata. Pure awesomeness. :)

    This signified the end of training for today. We took a photo of everyone. After my brief visit home to change and wash my gi, I went with friends to a Vietnamese restaurant, where a friend works, for a Pho soup. I came late though, so after finished, we went by foot to the Welcome party, where we ate a little bit, drank and chatted. Unfortunately I got completely wet on my way home, but all is nice. Time to get some sleep for tommorrow.
  20. Nachi

    Nachi Well-Known Member Supporter


    Tuesday 25.7.17:

    10:15 - 11:00 - General morning training:

    Junbi undo led by sensei Bakkies today. Well, he left me amazed as always. He explained the Junbi undo exercises in an easy to understand way and had us do a little bit of work-out, too. With him demonstrating what he wants us to do first. In a few months, sensei will turn 70. Yet, he is big and strong, with sharp technique and explosive power. He doesn't seem stiff in any way and can easily outdo many people. It was amazing seeing him perform Neko Undo and push-ups, also ones with clapping hands while taking your feet off the floor, too, rolling to the side upon touching the floor and repeat. I struggled with these after a short while, which is not surprising. But still, sensei looked like it was nothing. Respect to him. I would have never guessed his age, ever.

    11:10 - 12:00 - Group training - sensei Roy Flatt (8. dan), UK:

    Sensei asked us what we did so far and if we fancy doing Sanchin. Oh we did! He had us do a few exercises to make sure we keep our tanded closed and strong all the time, then partner testing of the arm movements - to make sure we do it strong and help ourselves with the posture. As well as a few pressing hands against hands with a partner. All nice exercises I immediately noted down in the break. He also gave us a few nice tips how to help our posture. I have a couple of questions answered, because, apparently there are at least two slight differences in how we do Sanchin in our dojo. I got to talk to sensei a bit about it, he was happy to explain. Because of it, I had no time to do a Sanchin that should have been tested by my partner, but at this point having the questions answered seemed more important to me. At least I know what I can have tested once I try in the dojo.

    12:10 - 13:00 - Group training - sensei Takashi Masuyama (8. dan), Sweden:

    When I saw this sensei coming and his smile... I immediately recalled his class in Okinawa. That devil's smile! He would always praise us, but still, let us try just "once" more. Though sensei is based in Sweden, I think, he is Japanese and isn't fluent in English. But he knows enough to explain his thoughts. He had us practise Gekisai Dai Ichi kata. In the almost 50 minutes, we just finished going through a single Gekisai Dai Ichi. At first, sensei would have us do each technique only once and as best as we can, but over time, he stooped us at some places, having us repeat them again and again and better and better. It is something different to remember a kata. Once you "know" your kata, it is time to use it to practise and improve all the techniques within and understand them better. Some things, especially about exhaling, sensei explained on the border of philosophy, I would say. Definitely a very interesting training!

    13:15 - 14:00 - Group training - sensei George Andrews (8. dan), UK:

    Just like last year in Okinawa, sensei prepared a training meant for knife defence. He started researching on his own and explained a few things we had the time for, in, what seemed to me, in a realistic manner. Run if you can and don't expect to avoid being cut when you can't. We started with some movement techniques. Then, as I stood in the front line, sensei took me out to be his partner to demonstrate. He had me try to avoid the basic knife attacks, then advised me how to do it best so I can try. He later demonstrated some hits and joing locks. Well, I heard later he was quite rough with a bigger guy in the previous group. Maybe because I was a girls, he wasn't that harsh, so I instinctively tried to resist or had him really pin me. Partly from surprise what technique will come my way, partly because I am used to it. When my sensei demonstrates, he knows what he can do and he has me on the floor soon because I have no other option. Sensei Andrews techniques worked, no doubt about it, but I resisted at time unnecessarily, as he told me. But I still expected him to be rougher. Well, he told me I should drop the rubber knife in a joint lock, otherwise he can break my elbow. Well, I did as he said, but the knife got stuck anyway between my open index finger and thumb. I protested that I can't with people laughing, but as he couldn't see, he then, for demonstration purposes, of course, shouted at me from about a meter: "Relax!" Until I jumped in the air... :D I explained the knife got stuck, but I am not sure if sensei was satisfied with it. When he the almost throw me by rotating my wrist trying to get me down, I resisted instinctively, yet again, just a little bit, so he went harder, leaving me no way out, but to drop down right away, feet flying trough the air, making me immediately worry I'll kick the head of my friend, who was sitting close, off. And I got a talking to again... :D Still, sensei used me for demonstration throughout the whole class. His techniques were nice and I have to work on relaxing instead of being stiff from worry, perhaps, what will come my way. Also, I already figure out, some of the joing locks on the wrist, maybe elbow, don't work all that well on me, so I just didn't go down or dropped the knife if I didn't feel I need to. Who would? But if sensei got annoyed maybe, of course, he made me comply immediately. Too bad I didn't catch what he did to some of my fingers in a wrist lock at one point. It was nasty :D
    Still, I will probably hear his: "Relax, darling," even in my dreams today. He ended the lesson with reprimanding me he will never pick me again :D
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