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    I have not been on here for such a long time, I have just had a 4th operation to remove blood from my brain, my son Kris kept the news from me about Bill until he felt I had recovered suffiently from my latest operation. I am so sad that I have lost a great teacher in Aikido. I do not want to comment on Bill's Aikido or his beliefs he made that very clear, by his comments and his practice.
    I first met Bill when I was around 15 yrs old I thought I was the bees knee in martial arts, he put me right in the only way Bill could. I studied under Bill for more years than I can remember , I even shared a flat with him in Glasgow's west end. I traveled to many places in the UK and Europe with him. Bill used me as his uke at most demonstrations and at practice. He taught at the Habonim Centre near to is home also at my own dojo in Bellahouston Sports Centre, then moved to RM centre in Helen Street, Glasgow south side. My introduction to the Habonim was a 1000 suburi, thanks Bill, hahaha.
    I have many memories of Bill and thank God photos, I am proud to say he was my teacher but very proud to say he was my FRIEND. My heart goes out to Jan his wife, his children and grandchildren. RIP Sensei, RIP FRIEND, I will miss you.
    TOMMO P.
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    Thank you and the best wishes for your own recovery.
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    Tommo thanks for sharing ,

    As Simon has done I wish you all the best in your recovery

    Remember the good times

    Alan (Smurf)
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    Recover well in your own space and time Tommo. Slim was an inspiring Sensei and will be remembered for many, many years.
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    Thanks Tommo.

    Bill will be sorely missed.
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    "You can judge the character of a man more by what others say about him than what he says about others." Reading the 100+ post memorial thread, this wonderful thread and other stories of Sensei Coyle's impact on other peoples' lives - even people who never met him - he was a true gem of a man. Thanks for sharing Tommo, all the best mate.

    And if you're reading this thread Koyo, wherever you are, thank you and rest easy mate. You definitely earned it. :hat:

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    Last night I took my dad (Tommo ) along to my Aikido practice, the sensei introduced him to the class and after the practice my dad spoke to class about Bill. I must admit the class were rivited. Somethings he said was very amusing about the things he and "Slim" got up to. At the end he gave a very moving epitaph and I noticed a few tears were shead including my dad.
    My dad is slowly recovering from Bill's passing but I know it will be a long recovery.
    Once again RIP Sensei
    Regards Kris
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    It would seem that some of us here, the ones who only interacted with Koyo via the internet, made certain assumptions about the man.

    It would seem after reading your posts Kris that those assumptions were correct.

    He was indeed unique.

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    A story.

    I was working on the door at Lauder's Bar in Sauchiehall Street, in the 70's.
    Koyo was playing guitar with his band, also on bass was another "old" Aikidoist Bill Noble. Halfway through Koyo's act a drunk came staggering towards Koyo, slurring his words saying " Hey big man stop playing that s**t and play something good." I was moving in for the kill. The drunk grabbed the neck of Koyo's guitar, the next minute the drunk was on the floor. Koyo had applied nikkyo, he used the neck of the guitar, as you would a bokken or katana when applying the technique. I picked up the drunk who was nursing a sore wrist and threw him out. Koyo kept on playing he never missed a beat, only expression was a little Koyo grin.:D:D:D:Angel:

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    Sorry photo of Koyo and myself gone ????:mad:
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    Koyo in France a few years ago ....

    Last year when I went to work in France (Lille), and I went to a couple of local Aikido dojos, and chatted with koyo in PMs.

    Here is one of his quotes, that I found really amusing:-

    Favourite French story.

    At that seminar Tamura shihan told me to "go for it" a LOAD of dan grades headed for the hills. One who complained said to me "You obviously train with Coyle!"

    I said I had never missed a practice that Coyle was at.

    Should have seen their faces when I was introduced later that evening.


    Maybe you were at this one Tom?
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    I was with Bill at that course

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    You should be able to add it as an attachment to a post KOKORO KAI. If you have any problems drop me a PM, I'd be happy to help out. :)

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    Hi there guys

    U may not know me but i am 1 of Koyo/Slim/Bill/Sensei Coyle/Greatest Man on Earths daughter. I'm Lorraine (well lainybird as only he would refer to me as) and i'm soooo overwhelmed with all ur comments, please keep on sharing all ur memories and stories from yrs gone by as its a massive comfort and lets us get out all the heartache we're suffering from by having a good auld laugh at his antics.

    If any1 has any pictures old/recent could u PLEASE if possible email them to me at:

    This would b truly appreciated and keep the stories comming.

    God Bless
    Lainybird x

    KOKORO KAI Valued Member

    Still saddened by Bill's passing, but I get some comfort from this:-

    Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep
    I Am Not There I do Not Sleep.
    I Am A Thousand Winds That Blow
    I Am The Diamond Glints On Snow
    I Am The Sunlight On Ripened Grain.
    I Am The Gentle Autumn Rain.
    When You Awaken In The Morning's Hush
    I Am The Swift Uplifting Rush
    Of Quiet Birds In Circled Flight.
    I Am The Soft Stars That Shine At Night
    Do Not Stand At My Grave And Cry
    I Am Not There. I Did Not Die.
  19. Simon

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    Nice words and nice Koyo is still remembered within these pages.

    KOKORO KAI Valued Member

    Bill will never be forgotten, so many owe so much, he was one in a million.
    RIP Bill

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