Losing my main tools

Discussion in 'Beginning Martial Arts' started by williamhawk, May 12, 2017.

  1. williamhawk

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    I have years invested into an art that is very heavily based on the use of midline kicks at the abdomen and rib level. At the time, for various reasons, my normal clothing and such worked well for that, and the climate and such was suited for the other techniques and such in the art.
    Now, because of somewhat different reasons related to changes in my life and the like, I spend the vast majority of my time wearing long skirts that, while being pretty comfortable and nonrestrictive for footwork and deep stances and the like, are a little bit too restrictive to do midline kicks in. We use very nonstandard breakfalls and the like, so there is no easy way to switch to a closely related art for more work on throws/takedowns.

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    Welcome to MAP :)

    I've removed the links from your post as we do allow free advertising, and are not here to drive discussion on other websites.

    I hope someone on MAP can give you some ideas.

  3. Alansmurf

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    Aim lower

    Shins ankles knees as targets work well too

    Take away the foundations and everything falls

  4. Tom bayley

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    Can you link to any video showing the kind of break-falls that you do?i am intrigued, I am always keen to learn more about falling.
  5. Dead_pool

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    a) wear different clothes on your legs.
    b) kick lower / train a different art.
  6. philosoraptor

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    Boxing. :]
  7. Rataca100

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    Don't underestimate kicking lower, that change clothes or go for more hands. After all, you just need to break the knee or damage the leg enough for them to struggle to run after you.

    I share the feeling of the restrictive clothing, only just got trousers that are loose rather than too tight and I still can't do anything in them. You could try browsing for skirts that are less restrictive or change outfit if you think you need to kick someone, but assuming you can kick knees or at least to crotch level, you should be good. I am not a skirt expert but I think I recall some people being able to lift their leg up to a 90 degree angle, wouldn't know if they could kick in them.

    (basically repeat of everyone else)
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  8. Dead_pool

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    Guys n Gals, from the thread title and content, its more likely this is a troll thread.

    I showed this thread to a female friend, she burst out laughing and said. "women wear pants too" and then pointed out the poor pun hidden in the title.
  9. Pretty In Pink

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    Also OP's name?
  10. Simon

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    OP has been banned.

    Chadderz has offered to attend the MAP Meet in national dress to demonstrate kicking in a kilt.
  11. Dead_pool

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    I get the mans name, life change and losing my "tools" pun.
    Am I missing a solo william hawk pun?
  12. Dead_pool

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    ahhhh the kilt, a good old fashioned victorian english invention! !

  13. Rand86

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    Pics or it didn't...

    ... on second thought, I'll pass. :eek:
  14. Rataca100

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    Fair point, you can also kick in a lot of skirts anyway, as i distinctly remember seeing cadets be able to lif ttheir legs up 90 degrees for drill. Pretty bad pun too. :p
  15. El Medico

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    Not quite,they just shortened the hemlines.

    Keeping up with Paris fashion,I suppose.
  16. Dead_pool

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    They redesigned it, gave it a waistband, un-toga-fied it, and invented "clan tartans", as a true "scotch man" it makes my poor bonnie heart weep.

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