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  1. E30Adam

    E30Adam New Member

    Hi guys,

    I always used to train at TKD about 5 years ago but I gave it up for a long time and I'm now back at it and loving it. I've been back for 4 months but my flexibility is very poor. I mean, when I sit on the floor and spread my legs sideways, I can only get them at about 90 degrees at best which is absolutely terrible and it's preventing me from doing my kicks well.

    So.... I decided to invest in a Versaflex leg stretching machine. It all seemed like a good idea at the time but I'm sure that using it has given me some very bad lower back problems. Also whilst using it, I didn't notice any improvements and just seemed to get pain in the hips.

    So what I'm asking is... has anyone used one of these with any success, I've got sick of it and stuck it on ebay.

    I know stretching has been flogged to death on this forum but I was wondering how many of you stretch and how often to get good flexibility in your legs. I have a copy of Tom Kurz's Secrets of Stretching but I don't really have access to a gym for many of his excercises and I'm a bit unclear as to which stretches I actually need to be doing because he says that you can skip some sections.

    Thoughts please guys, TIA

    Here's the leg stretcher
  2. GeeniusAtWurk

    GeeniusAtWurk Valued Member

    I was interested in the versaflex too, but its kinda pricy. Might I ask how old you are? Cuz if you're young like I am (21) and it hurts your hips that way, i dont think its safe for anyone as long as you're using it correctly...
  3. Rhizome

    Rhizome Super Valued Member

    Im not sure how to use one of those machines as i dont have one but i assume you had your back straight whilst stretching maybe that was a reason for back pain if you didnt. Just a thought :)
  4. E30Adam

    E30Adam New Member

    Genius, I'm 24 years old so getting on a bit LOL.

    You basically just sit on it keeping a straight back (as sharkey mentions) and crank the lever until you reach your required stretch level.

    They are quite expensive and for this reason, I thought it would do a good job, I guess I was wrong. I find that simply standing and spreading my legs to the site gives better results and it's free.
  5. Rhizome

    Rhizome Super Valued Member

    Cool now i get how to use it. Have you had any back problems before you started stretching with the machine.
  6. E30Adam

    E30Adam New Member

    No problems as such but around the same time I strained my back muscles lifting a gearbox out of my car. My back has always had a slight "twinge" in certain positions and I'm currently seeing an Osteopath. I don't think the stretcher triggered my back problems but it certainly hasn't helped.

    My main concern was that I didn't seem to be getting anywhere using it and better results could be had from standing and splitting the legs. My flexibility just seems to be so poor.
  7. Rhizome

    Rhizome Super Valued Member

    cool mines is slightly poor also from a recurring knee problems which are stopping me from stretching.

    Sounds like the machine was a waste of time and cash and to think i was going to buy one for christmas.
  8. JKD_forever

    JKD_forever DEADLIFT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    When you are doing your static streches at the end of workout, you should do them in such manner that your legs are not supporting your weight (unlike isometric stretches). In that way machine can be good, but the problme is that you also need to tilt your pelvis forward if you experience the pain in hip, but that is hard to do with machine when sitting.
    Conclusion: don't waste money on that :rolleyes:
  9. E30Adam

    E30Adam New Member

    Good advice there.

    So you would use both isometric and static stretching during a workout.
    I think my main problem is that I live with my parents and we don't have a lot of spare space. How long would you suggest I stretch for each day. Maybe 1/2 hour before bed each day?? Oh yeah, time is tight too lol

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