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Discussion in 'Jeet Kune Do' started by Rmjim, May 20, 2017.

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    Move this question from a different thread. What is jeet kune do concepts training? I'm relocating for work to the Concord NC school and saw various schools offering jkd. This one.. Maforu.com offers jun fan gung fu/Kali and jkd concepts. Just curious as to what jkd concepts is...on the site it says you go through 3 different phases. Kickboxing, ground grappling, trapping.
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    JKD concepts is the name dan insonato gives to the material he teaches that isnt originally from Bruve lee, so its the concepts of JKD, applied to other material, Dan also teaches Bruces original material and calls it Jun fan Gung fu, (the art of bruce lee), and most places that teach concepts also teach the jun fan material too.
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    This school I'm looking at (it's one of the bjj schools from my other post) teaches both. Jkd concepts and Jun fan Gung fu. I'm torn because I don't know which class I'd like to take. Bjj or jkd/jfgf. Is there ranking in the jkd/jfgf? If so how? And is it a legit self defense system? I mean according to the website with the 3 steps...kickboxing, trapping, grappling...sounds a bit mma ish to me.
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    It depends how much they spar, and your natural inclinations.

    if its a jkd class in a bjj school, bjj will be the majority of the groundwork.

    You need to go and do trial classes.
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    I train at a "Concepts" school. Here there is not much sparring in the JFGF class. It's all done in the JunFan Kickboxing class.

    Tbh good fighting looks a lot like MMA. If they spar like that it's probably a good place.

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