Is body conditioning in martial arts bad?

Discussion in 'Chinese Martial Arts Articles' started by Light25, Jan 13, 2018.

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    In Sanda, Thai, and Boxing we did do conditioning through punches to the body as well as bag/pad work, but it was A) optional, and B) left to each participant how hard they'd get hit. I found it useful for getting rid of flinch reflex, but I've always struggled with that. If you aren't planning to compete I'd stick to the conditioning you get through training, and I certainly wouldn't stay anywhere that tried to condition you to blows to the head.
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    No it is not, ok.

    This sort of conditioning of the arms and torso could be of benefit if you live in a violent place, where you are exposed to physical violence regularly enough so that building up tolerance to physical abuse is worth the potential harm that the training will cause.

    THERE IS NO BENEFIT WHAT SO EVER IN LETTING ANYONE STRIKE YOU IN THE HEAD. Striking the head with an open hand can shake the brain. Over time this can cause micro tares and brain damage.

    If you train repeatedly to follow attacks through all the way to repeated head strikes on the target you will undoubtedly get better at moving from first contact to finishing the opponent off. But at a cost to your training partner.
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    Occasional Light slap boxing/light contact to the head can be used to get over an over developed flinch mechanism, but just light sparring on its own is usually a far more useful use of time.
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    Thank you, I'll try to be careful from places like that.

    So maybe I should get into that type of conditioning training when I'm a little older cause that's what they do there. I don't wanna risk myself.

    That makes much more sense now. Thanks for the help. If they train me with reflexes to avoid hits but if they do it just to slap around is no good.
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    Video doesn't appear to be working mate.
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    It was just a link to Facebook showing Eubank Jr and a medicine ball.
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