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  1. Gargoyle

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    Name is Ian, I live in New Brunswick, Canada. Studied Karate and Tae Kwon Do 30 years ago. Been studying Bujinkan :yeleyes: for the past couple of years, have 7th kyu rank. Took a long break from practice do to back issues, seams to be helping with movement so far.
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    Welcome fellow Canukistan resident!
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    Welcome to MAP :)
  4. Gargoyle

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    Thanks guys
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    Happy Easter, and welcome to MAP.
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    Welcome buddy, I'm new here to...
  8. annasmith

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    Hi, I'm Anna, I've just joined this forum. Nice to see karate fans here :)
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    Welcome to MAP! :)
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    Welcome fellow Bujinkan-er.
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    Where do you booj?
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