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Discussion in 'Weight Training' started by hewho, Sep 7, 2017.

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    So, while training for my first physique competition this October, I've been setting myself some new PB's, with some lofty goals for the end of the year!
    Bodyweight 65kgish, height 5'7.
    Deadlift: PB 120kg for 2 reps, but shoddy form, 100kg for 8 keeping decent form. Goal is 130kg (roughly 2xBodyweight) Will retest 120kg this month

    Bench press: Hit a new PB today! :) 65kg for one rep, very slow, with more speed in one arm than the other. Low, and not massively impressive, but it's bodyweight, and I'm happy. Goal for the end of the year is 100kg, depending on competition schedule.

    Squat. PB currently 75kgx3. Goal is 100kg for the end of the year, and I want to get double bodyweight in 2018! Hopefully videos to follow!
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