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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by GoldDan, Dec 29, 2016.

  1. philosoraptor

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  2. Giovanni

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    step aside philo. let the masters handle this.
  3. Hannibal

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    And the ban is imminent

    Thing is that he was never taken seriously anyway....everytime one of these weaklings turns up and I go in harsh the mods start to try and calm me down and yet I am NEVER wrong about them....ever!

    Oh and for the 4chan viewers reading this thread then you need to look for "Hanniballistic" on Bullshido

    crap troll job was crap - 1/10
  4. Giovanni

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    i was really looking forward to discussing matters...master to master. :(
  5. Dan93

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    Ha dude needs to get a life..some sunlight and a girlfriend/puppy and maybe some physical exercise/MA training.

    Dark side of the internet.....lame
  6. Latikos

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    Giving out a link to another art to show the own art? :bang:
    That's to be taken seriously.

    I think I put up some videos with the Gracies, some olympian Jukoda and others, and then I say: "We pretty much do this, we just add more of..." and people will celebrate me :yeleyes:
  7. Rebel Wado

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    So you are rationalizing that MOST people would NOT say Bruce Lee was honorable because of on the circumstances around his death? Or are you saying that because of the circumstances around Bruce Lee's death that this casts doubt that he was actually honorable.

    If your point was the latter, you completely missed what I was saying. Those that call Bruce Lee a master of martial arts are looking at the qualities that make someone a master. They believe of many things that Bruce was credible and had honorable intentions. Bruce was BIGGER than his actual abilities in martial arts. He still is bigger today than many others. This despite those that believe him to be an actor first and a martial artist second... doesn't change what he inspires in others.

    On the other hand, GoldDan, your record on this forum is so far the opposite. Not a single person believes you to be a master of martial arts and really it comes down to credibility and your intentions.

    We aren't mind readers, there just isn't anything to support your claims or that you are meeting the expectations of a master of martial arts.

    Most on this forum would say you are not a master based on principle. I went further to say that you are rationalizing rather than being honest.

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