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Discussion in 'Kuk Sool' started by Split_level, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. Split_level

    Split_level New Member

    Well i did it.... i made it the whole 35 miles to the Liverpool club and didnt get lost :D

    Had my very first lesson last night at with Master Watson :) He seemed like a very good instructor, and had time for his students.

    We did a stretching warm up, most in the class was extra bendy, i cant even touch my toes :cry:

    I did some basic kicks, basic hand combos ( name escapes me) got up to 5 with the self defence techs (name escapes me) and had a bash at the first form ( unsuprisingly the name escapes me ;) )

    Found the kicks ok, they were more or less the same as what i did in TKD, found the hand combos more difficult in the sense that they felt really weak and wofty... in TKD we never really did that much hand combo work. As for the form dont think i'll have a prob remembering them, i just need to "un TKD" it and do them soft and flowingly :)

    Came away with very aching legs, the stances are soooo much lower than TKD going back for some more on Wednesday :)

    What was everyone elses first experience like? (in KSW) :D :D
  2. Unknown Entity

    Unknown Entity New Member

    The most important question is....

    Did you enjoy it?

    Master Watson only smiles when people are sweating! lol.....
  3. Split_level

    Split_level New Member

    Yes really enjoyed it, especially the self defence joint locking and pressure point stuff..... going back for more tomorrow which i ve been told will be different than Mondays class... so who knows what ill be doing ( all be it doing it very badly) i dont mind being the usless one for a while :)

    People were sweating buckets :D
  4. Unknown Entity

    Unknown Entity New Member

    Thats great to hear.

    Don't think of it as "doing it very badly". Think of yourself as more of a scupltor. Look at yourself as a ball of clay. With time you will strip away all the unnecessary clay and be left with the finished product so to speak - a work of art that you will be happy with.

    Think I'll give Master Watson a quick call to say you said the class was easy and that you need pushed harder on Wednesday night.... :D :D :D
  5. Grippereeno

    Grippereeno New Member

    I was there you did well. Most important you, were and are willin to learn the new techniques and adapt yourself to the particular KS 'style'.

    That lesson was a very 'easy' one compared to some we do...
  6. Silentmonk

    Silentmonk The Blue Donkster!!

    Lets see if i can cast my mind back to my first class..........................

    the mists clear from my hazy mind and i see me, feeling a little apprehensive about walking in. Inside I remember a load of people stretching a bit before class and going over to the instructor to introduce myself. I sit down just before class and scope out everyone. There is a huge black belt guy on one side of the mat, I think he's scarey. lol near him is a smaller guy seems a bit of a joker he's a dbn, they seem good friends. I look around some more theres a group of red belts who are a few years below me at school. One seems a bit more serious than the others. And some new white belts, phew i'm not alone. lol
    The class starts with a warm up, oh my god i am so inflexible its funny well it must be to everyone else. We do some basic kicking again, I'm never going to get this, I have balance issues on 2 legs particulary on friday and saturday nights. Hand strikes from a horse stance, this just gets worse i feel like i'll never get this. but then this shorter blackbelt who i haven't noticed before comes over and says hey you're doing well keep it up. I know him from school another friendly face :)
    Techniques follow yeah name escaped me for ages too, then my blackbelt friend starts to teach us a form, again the name was a mystery. Anyone would think they were talking a different language, oh they are. And we finish with some basic break falling that the dbn friend of the monster takes. I was right he is funny. And those red belts don't half fly around loads on the other side of the mat.

    Skip forward 15 years. Now I'm the intimidatory blackbelt that sits at the side of the mat, but i remember how that felt so i make myself the funny DBN. The intimidatory monster is now my instructor but somewhere along the line he became one of my best mates too. The funny DBN well he has his 4th degree, still makes me laugh and is another I call friend first. The red belt group has been depleted to the more serious looking one. Yeah he's my friend too,(though it was close there for a bit :) ) and still jumping around loads. He posts a lot of vids on this forum you may know him ;) Throughout the many lessons since then, I have changed my main instructor, lost many training partners and gained many more friends. I remember the names of the techniques, forms, and kicks on a good day. Which is handy when you ae teaching. But its always a challenge that never changes. :)
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  7. Split_level

    Split_level New Member

    That is very deep and meaning full so early in the morning :D hopefull the end product wont be a sausage :) I m not very good at art

    Dont think we need to go there ;) , the room on Wednesday is a huge hall, i can only image all the things that can be done in such a huge space, i prob end up in a big heap on the floor :D
  8. Unknown Entity

    Unknown Entity New Member

    Art comes in all different shapes and sizes...we all have different opinions on whats good and bad so don't worry about being bad at art...

    Yeah it was a bit deep...need to cut back on the coffee!!

    Don't need to call master watson....theres always a need... :D

    Oh yeah...theres no probably about will end up a heap on the floor!!! :D

    Everyone does!
  9. Split_level

    Split_level New Member thats a great recolection.... i can only just remember what i did yesterday :)

    But i must introduce you to a friend of mine Ms Para Graphs (her sister plays tennis) :D

    No more caffiene for Unknown Entity before we start getting Bruce Lee quotes :D

    Not sure i like the phrase very easy :eek: I think the floor has most def got my name on it for Wednesday
  10. JSun

    JSun Valued Member

    I don't remember my VERY first lesson, but I had my first class in two months last night. I've been laying off because of pateller tendonitis and the first day back we do the 1000 kick routine (which took about an hour) and then I spent another hour working on techs and going through my forms. It hurts to walk this morning, but it's well worth it. It's great to be back at the grind.
  11. davefly76

    davefly76 Valued Member

    i don't really remember a great deal about my first lesson in terms of what i did.

    my first lesson was the first of a new school so i was quite lucky that i didn't feel too awkward because we were all new and none of us had a dobok or belt. to this day there are only two people left of all those that went to the first ever lesson at the club which now has a different principal instructor and has changed location numerous times.
  12. ember

    ember Valued Member

    I can barely remember my first intro lessons. I think PSBN Alana taught the first, and then-KSN CJ taught the second. Even though Brian wasn't signing up (yet :D ), he joined me at one of them.

    A lot of the two intro lessons were a review of kicks and punches, reminding me of the TKD I'd done so many years before. The main thing that was new to me was the mental drill, the first and second most important ideas.

    It felt good to be getting back into MA, even with just that little bit. It also felt wierd to be going on the floor in street clothes for the first, and with no belt for the second. I actually got to do a cartwheel again, I hadn't done one in YEARS, and that was awesome.

    But I definitely felt like I actually earned the white belt, rather than just being given it.
  13. kiseki

    kiseki beating shadows since '06

    My first lesson was pretty great. In one hour, I got easily 15 minutes of one-on-one instructor time, and there were a lot of people there. But every moment of it was wonderful, because it was all new to me. I joined because I like learning stuff, and and that happened constantly for an entire hour.
  14. dianhsuhe

    dianhsuhe Co-Founder: Glow-Do

    1,000 Kick thing?

    dave fly 76- (Or anyone for that matter) What is the 1,000 kick drill? I need kicking drills for home---

    Thanks and sorry to derail this topic, as I am not KSW (I like reading your guys/gals forum though)


  15. kswgreenman

    kswgreenman New Member

    Don't really remember the content of my first class. Like Davefly, it was the first of a new club (although not quite as impressive for having been much more recent...). I remember that for some months I would be completely done in from our one hourly session a week (!) due to my otherwise sedantry ways.

    Dianhsuhe: The 1k kick drill, at least as I know it, goes thus:

    Progressing through the 10 foundation KSW kicks:

    10 reps of 1st kick each side
    Ditto 1st and 2nd kick each side, not putting leg down between kicks
    Ditto 1st, 2nd and 3rd, and so on up to ten.

    This gives you 10 reps on each side of the sum 10+9+8+7... (which is 55), so 550 kicks each side gives you 1100 in total.
  16. Split_level

    Split_level New Member

    I keep hearing of this famous 1000 kicking jobbi.... which im yet to experience... id probably end up doing half of it due to missing every other one out through not being able to keep up with the counts :eek:
  17. coc716

    coc716 Just Some Guy

    Hrm... if I'm reading you right, that's slightly different from how we do it.

    We'll use 8 foundational kicks (front, inside, outside, round, side, back, hook, axe... BTW, what are the other 2 you count as foundation? straight leg and spin?). We'll then do a similar rep count, but keeping with the same kick but at different height. So 10 reps front kick right leg, 10 reps front kick left leg, 10 reps inside kick right leg, 10 inside left, 10 outside right, etc.. Then we'll go again but same kick high then low without setting down between the high and low kicks, so right front high then low.. 1 rep, right front high then low, 2 rep, and so on. Then again but doing high middle low, no set down. Of course, if you want to make it tougher, do low middle high.

    But in the end, how you do 1000 kick drill... it's nice to see variants. More ways to practice. :)

    As for my first KSW experience....

    Years ago I lived in North Austin and learned about KSW through some people at work. I heard that there was some 8th degree Master (Byung In Lee) that had a school near me and I should check it out. So I went and watched some classes, spoke with Master Lee (very nice and funny). Didn't sign up tho because I knew we were moving soon and I didn't want to risk starting something I couldn't complete. Eventually we ended up just moving to South Austin, so I checked out the South Austin school (SBN Dewain Perry). Checked out the kids classes because I wanted to sign up oldest son up along with me. I was impressed with how well they worked with the kids, and signed up.

    First class was a private lesson, just myself, my son (then 6 years old), and an instructor. It was exciting. Then I started going to regular classes and I just remember my first class being an open class (all ranks) and feeling so intimidated being the only white belt and everyone else was brown or black. I felt so lost. :) The biggest thing I remember from my early days was just the excitement of finally doing it, of being there, and annoying my wife because I'd be practicing Ki Cho Hyung all over the house. ;)

    Shortly after I started I also forced myself to start a diary of my Kuk Sool experiences. I have never kept a diary before, but for some reason I wanted to do it with this. And I've kept up with it ever since. It's interesting to go back and read things from time to time to see how far I've come and what I went through back then. I intend to keep the diary up as long as I'm doing this. Looking back in 10-20 years, that should be interesting.
  18. kiseki

    kiseki beating shadows since '06

    the KSN I practice under says there are only 7 basic kicks, as axe kick and fstraight kick are too similar, and back and side are too similar.

    when I do "1000", it is like so

    7 basic, 10 each leg
    7 basic, 10 each leg without putting foot down
    7 basic, 10 doubles each leg (med, high)
    7 basic, 10 triples each leg (low, med, high)

    This only equals 980, and I feel self concious about counting the low ones as kicks...

    I worked my way up to 15 instead of 10 (for 1470), and now I'm trying to do it without falling down so much. Eventually, I will stop counting the sets where I fall (looooong time in the future).

    Since I'm doing them alone in my room, my target is currently a thick towel suspended from the ceiling at 2 points, and in order to give my legs a break, inbetween each of the 4 groups, and inbeteen switching from straight leg kicks to bent leg kicks, I do either situps or pushups.

    I give so many details incase in my white belt wisdom I am doing something dumb that can be corrected by you guys (It would really suck if some of that large chunk of time was wasted). In any case, I very much enjoy it.
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  19. Silentmonk

    Silentmonk The Blue Donkster!!

    I'm sure ours is 1500 kicks and includes combos. I thought that it came straight from Master Barry so ember enligten me how many kicks is in his drill. :)
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  20. AirNick

    AirNick Valued Member

    I do 10 basic kicks:

    Axe, Inside, Outside, Knee, Front, Round, Side, Back, Hook, Spin

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