Do I just suck?

Discussion in 'Brazilian Jiu Jitsu' started by roninmaster, Sep 12, 2017.

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    So I know its common to think this when you're still in the middle of your white belt, but I'm not; I've been doing BJJ for 8 years ( 9 in February ) and a blue belt of 6, and still feel like I suck. I've watched and still see guys come in off the streets and pass me up in few months vs the YEARS I've put into this art. We have two white belts who both started within the last 10 months and compete a lot who put me through hell and can tap me.

    I just feel like I've must have missed something to be so bad at 8 years. I've thought " Maybe I should just commit to being more a of a purist in my Jiujitsu " and only worked old-school Helio Gracie stuff,( My school is a more self-defense first, sport second kind of school ) then " Maybe I'm wrong and should focus on more modern sporty stuff ." Then "maybe I have just poor strength and conditioning and I'd be better if I increased that." I even switched schools to my current one 3 years ago because they train a lot harder than my previous... lather, rinse, repeat. I know I'm venting but I've never had anything in my life I loved as much as BJJ that I felt my progression was so incredibly slow in. I literally don't know how to get any better it seems like any idea I've had has flopped and I'm still getting wrecked.
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    What's holding you back do you think. In analysing your rolls, if you were to list the things you would improve to get that success you're missing; what would they be ?
    Is it about technique or something like aggression/ mindset, not being 'relaxed' enough etc.

    Have you spoken to your teacher(s) or maybe a longtime/ trusted classmate for advice. Don't give up man, sometimes the best breakthroughs come at our lowest points..
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    Did you try out your plans for long enough, that it could work?

    Or maybe you're trying too much at the same time?
    As in: Working on many different techniques, different positions, etc. at once?

    Sadly I don't do BJJ but these are some points, that could happen in lots of arts.
    Too much attention for part a) and not enough for part b) so to speak.

    For example: My throws are too weak, whereas other things are at least okay.
    I know, I need to pay more attention to throws again to not get even worse.

    Maybe it's something like this with you?
    Like... I don't know, too much focus on submission, and not enough on position.
    Or too much playing with armbars, end not enough attention to guard passing.

    I'm sure, you get the idea of what I mean :oops:
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    Generic advise:
    BJJ is hard, that's why is good, if it were easy, everyone would do it.

    Feelgood advise:
    Really it's the losing, reflection and adjustments which make you good, if your not losing, your not getting better.

    Realistic advise:
    Your jumped schools a bit, so your Base skillet and learning is probably a bit all over the shop, it'll take a while to adjust.
    Your new school also trains super hard, it'll also take a while to adjust to this, your just gonna have to lose a bit, actively think a lot, and get some cardiovascular and lifting in so you can still actively work whilst your in inferior positions, give it a few months and you'll be good to go.

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