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    You seem to have a knack for either picking terrible or lovely videos but never mediocre ones :p

    O'Sensei was well known for being pretty hard with his students. There was one incident where O'Sensei had the privilege of demonstrating Aikido in front of the Emperor of Japan. On that particular day by all accounts his skin was yellow and he was severely sick with jaundice. The first student to step onto the mat held back in his attack because he was poorly and O'Sensei ended up taking him down so hard it severely injured his students' arm and caused him to miss out on the rest of the demonstration whilst he and Shioda Sensei (the only other student he took and founder of Yoshinkan Aikido) did the demo instead.

    Regardless of the direction modern Aikido is taking, O'Sensei's Aikido was incredibly powerful and dynamic (by comparison).

    It's nice to see a vid of him in action as a very old man though, there aren't too many around :)
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    The first guy went out after a couple of techniques and Shioda had to be uke for the next 45 minutes or so. He was bedridden for a week afterward…just wore out and sore. I think the first guy died, actually. From internal hemorrhaging.
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    I hadn't heard that before, presumably that wasn't a direct result of O'Sensei's technique but something else?
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    Sorry, I was getting him mixed up with the Yoshinkan dojo. Yukawa had his shoulder wrecked in that demo for attacking without spirit/truth which Ueshiba took as disrespectful to the royal family, so he walloped Yukawa. Shioda then stepped in for the rest of the seminar and basically became sick for a couple weeks after from exhaustion and wear and tear (no specific injuries that I can recall, but this is third hand knowledge).

    The deaths I am thinking of are unrelated, though Shioda Sensei used to tell my teacher a story about one of the senior students being killed from hitting his head on the floor during a technique.
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    Went to Japan recently.

    Took part in the Yamanashi Yoshinkan Aikido Embu

    Here are some vids, enjoy!

    I'm the 3rd Uke in this one
    [ame=""]Yamanashi Yoshinkan Embu 2013 - Paul Stephens Sensei 6th Dan - YouTube[/ame]

    Tanto Soho
    [ame=""]Yamanashi Yoshinkan Embu 2013 - Tanto Soho - YouTube[/ame]
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    How sweet was that experience?
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    One of the most challenging, yet rewarding things I've ever done. Incredible experience. My second time out there to train, can't wait to go back again!
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    My group has gone out to the honbu and kamakura festivals several times but Iv'e always been deployed during the event. Last time my dojo cho, and my teacher when I was uchi deshi both gave demos. So ****ed I wasn't there to uke! Next time dangit!!
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    Well, I found these videos on another forum and I thought they were quite cool, I haven't done any weapons in aikido yet, mainly because it's later in the evening. I have seen a few demonstrations, but never ones like this.

    [ame=""]Aikido Spear, Yari Suburi of the Chushin Tani Dojo - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=""]Aikido Spear- Chushin Tani Kumiso - YouTube[/ame]

    These were originally posted by Chris Hein, anyways, I thought they were cool, and ill be asking my Sensei if this is something he is familiar with. Anyone here have experience with this technique?
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    Not those exact kata, no, but my schools have had both solo and paired jo (staff) kata. Staff, not spear, but insignificant difference for our kata.
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    Hmmm Some nice stuff in there, but he seems to be using a lot of strength and 'muscling' on the techniques. Also, after the initial kuzushi of some techniques he appears to give uke back their balance before finishing the technique, which means he has to use strength to accomplish it.
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    Oh, that's much much better!
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    HAHA saw this earlier.

    I both love and hate it
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    Boy I don't know what to say about that. Good production quality. Not the best technique, and I think it kind of goes against a lot of what aikido stands for - on several counts.
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    I am not going to lie...I thought that was pretty cool!
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    Got to admit , I'm kinda with Hannibal , as far as these things go it was pretty cool.

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