Choi Kwang Do - A review

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    ATA has got to be up there with them...
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    Yeah, they would be another one.
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    Korean MMA

    In like manner, some variants of Hapkido such as Kuk Sool Won, Hwa Rang Do and Hankido have adopted a range of Chinese practices and execution. hosinsool Along with Taekwondo, Hapkido has helped to revitalize traditional Korean martial arts by providing systemization and incorporating into other styles.
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    I have just watched some more uploaded CKD on You Tube. It is getting worse & worse. Patterns.....endless patterns, how many up to black belt now? There is virtually no getting the student ready for a real encounter on the streets. I have seen some pad work, where the holder is holding the pads about 3 feet apart, who has a head that big on the streets, and, it is never corrected. It is truly awful and am glad I left this farce 20 years ago.
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    I believe it's one pattern per grade to black belt, so 18. Every other pattern was a repeat of the previous one but adjusted to include turning through four quarter-turns through the pattern to repeat the action in the four cardinal directions.
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    It used to be 10 if my memory is correct.....18. They must spend all their time just doing them, again what a waste of time and effort, oh yes Choi's right hand man used to be my instructor for a short while until he went to US
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    Choi Kwang Do.....Farce.

    Please, if any new instructor in this 'art' is contemplating leaving, do it and do it now. Go along to any British Combat Association seminar or join one of there affiliated clubs and learn to pressure test your techniques. DO NOT DELAY and get sucked in
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    Just watched on You Tube the 'Giving out of MASTER grade black belts' at the 30th anniversary seminar. I have never seen a such a massed number of masters given their belts like this, and half of them are obese!!!!! I have recently been in contact again via facebook with my old Black Belt instructor in TKD who at that time (late 70s London) was a 2nd Dan now he is sent all over the world by the kukkiwon in Korea, he is a very nice humble man who is a 8th Dan now and in his mid 60s who can do chin ups (seen it) I would like to see the so called out of shape masters I have just seen on you tube try it. Also to recap on these health benefit claims. Been in contact with an American CKD Instructor who assured me he would give me proof of these claims, my son and I are still waiting 5 months on. I implore any CKD Instructor or student, please, please see the light there are some fantastic 'style Instructors' or Instructors like 'The Pit' in Hawaii (look at his you tube page) who specialise in reality training and of course like the BCA in England. Change, do it now before it's to late.

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