Bisping v GSP - Cancelled

Discussion in 'MMA' started by Mushroom, May 11, 2017.

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    For those following, Georges St Pierre was to make his comeback to MMA, by fighting for the MW title against Bisping.
    After some delays and some rolling of eyes from.other fighters, it's now called off.

    Bisping and UFC has been angling for a July fight initially, then vague re-scheduling to possibly November due to GSP citing not being ready.

    In the best move, I think, the money making fight has been scrapped and Yoel Romero will be fighting for the title.

    It's still early days but am sure that there'll be a lot of finger pointing and blaming for the delays.

    Will we ever see GSP back in the cage? Personally, I dont think so.

    Bisping to retain or will Romero be #AndNew? ... I think Romero will win it.

  2. aaradia

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    GSP is by far my favorite fighter. I am so looking forward to his return to the ring! I don't care who he fights, I just want him back. MMA hasn't been quite the same without him for me.

    Oh, and I can't stand Bisping. So, in a way I don't mind not having to listen to Bisping leading up to the fight. It was like having to listen to Diaz before he fought GSP - not fun to me.
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  3. Saz

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    Oh for god's sakes, I was looking forward to this.

    As far as I knew, GSP wasn't exactly a slouch during his downtime, it seems like never really stopped training so I'm not sure how he can say he isn't ready. Unless his head went again.

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