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Discussion in 'MAP Awards 2009' started by Anth, Dec 1, 2009.

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  1. Anth

    Anth Daft. Supporter

    As with the signatures, there's been some brilliant avatars over the year. All avatars are stored on MAP so if someone has changed their avatar from the one that you want to nominate post up and I'll try to find it.
  2. Smitfire

    Smitfire Cactus Schlong

    I'm sure my avatar passes people by...but do you know what it is?
    It's an MRI slice of my own head!
    Right through the eyeballs. :)
  3. Fish Of Doom

    Fish Of Doom Will : Mind : Motion Moderator Supporter

    does moosey still have his animated avatar?

    if so, i nominate that one
  4. Moosey

    Moosey invariably, a moose Supporter

    The one with the karate guy whizzing past? Nah, afraid it got bumped off by Dug!
  5. Van Zandt

    Van Zandt Mr. High Kick

    TKDMitch's terminator Care Bear.
  6. Anth

    Anth Daft. Supporter

    Seeing as it was in 2009 yes you can nominate it (it'll be on the server somewhere).
  7. Guvnor

    Guvnor Valued Member

    I changed mine finally, well I never had one before so I put this one up as its the only one I can find. Any recommendations where I can get some good martial arts ones from ? or do you guys make yours yourself ?

    Maybe MAP should have more avatars too choose from:hat:
  8. CKava

    CKava Just one more thing... Supporter

    Topher... Dark Crystal rocks!

    EDIT: Oops wrong Henson film, Labryinth rocks too though!
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2009
  9. Mitch

    Mitch Lord Mitch of MAP Admin

    Well, the guy who suggested it is a genius :)

  10. Moi

    Moi Warriors live forever x

    Do you have that avatar I used for 2 mins a couple of months back? Personally I think an animated avatar of a women using a giant dildo as a freestanding punchbag was funny enough to bypass the rules but I knew you guys probably wouldn't agree so changed my mind. Could I have a ruling? I really want it as my avatar.
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2009
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