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Discussion in 'Beginning Martial Arts' started by tooksomechin_na, Aug 26, 2017.

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    You haven't gone off on a tangent but you have just made two statements that are untrue and seem to not know who Marcelo Garcia is.

    You don't have enough experience to be handing out any advice imo.

    Plenty of people train exclusively in one style, you don't have to know all ranges to have a hope in hell's chance of defending yourself and Marcello Garcia is one of the most well known and accomplished practicioners of Brazilian jiu-jitsu of the modern era.
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    I must be getting soft......

    But you then move the goalposts when I offered you one :)

    Even back in the day very few were "just" tai chi, and cross training was common

    Drunk Russian "ex-special forces" trying to start a fight in your dojo

    a dear friend of mine - a world class wrestler and MMA coach as it happens - played push hands and chi sao with Sifu Tayam and Sifu Der respectively and had difficulty keeping up. So whilst it is an isolation drill it has utility much beyond that - like hubud in actuality.

    Sifu Tayam when he pushes hands does "other" things as he have to know what you are looking for (and in my case feeling) but no it isn't just sensitivity training

    No it didn't, it just became less popular and the "old ways" of teaching did not secure a widespread cadre of teachers of the art
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    On the topic of them, i think i found a video that i may post in a seprate discussion.

    Never heard of him. XP Noted anyway, call me if you discuss swords or firearms im good at them. :p

    (i really dont bother to know famous people, im the same with films, i dont learn actors names or directors etc)
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    Are you referring to me? I am just expressing my differing opinion too. Don't understand why you would think I am wound up, because I am not. Did I not put in enough smilies for you or something? Well sheesh if that is what you need............:)

    Latikos, Hannibal and David Harrison are saying what my point was very well.

    Emphasis above is mine.

    Sure being well rounded is better, but this goes too far. Many people have defended themselves with only one art. Youtube abounds with clips.
    Here is one. He is a boxer- no ground game.
    Russian boxer Nicolai Vlasenko knocks out of thugs after they harassed wife | Daily Mail Online

    And I already posted with two examples about two different students who are only TCC students who used TCC only to successfully defend themselves. I was trying to not post this again, but I guess I should. This is my fellow student. She actually desribed what she did in more detail right after the incident in class.
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  5. Rataca100

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    Knew it was a mistake using that wording edit to it: You stand a better chance if you know every aspect of fighting. He didnt get taken to the ground, its common to get taken to the ground in fights. Pretty sure it would have ended diffrently if he was. (correciton if wrong) Also Anecdotal evidence by its nature is questionable.
  6. Simon

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    Isn't all your evidence anecdotal? :D
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    [QUOTE="Rataca100, post: 1075029248, member: 80613"
    Never heard of him. XP Noted anyway, call me if you discuss swords or firearms im good at them. :p

    How are you good at them?
    You live in the UK, so won't be good at firearms, and have never been to a sword class, so won't be good at them either.
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  8. Rataca100

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    lalalalalalalalalalalalalala Im not listening, lalalalalala. pulls plug on router XP

    How are you good at them?
    You live in the UK, so won't be good at firearms, and have never been to a sword class, so won't be good at them either.[/QUOTE]

    Theoretical, and i can actually shoot decently for somone who doesnt own one and cant just pop off to a gun club/range in social hours all year. (they are not illegal here, dont ask me about what the heretics up north do :p )

    i would also apply for a licence but i wont meet the criteria for it ATM.
  9. Dead_pool

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    This isn't honestly isn't an insult, would that be the sound mind section of the criteria?
  10. Rataca100

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    Dont have three people to sign for it, don't have money or space to make a room or put a safe in to store the things safely dont have a car to transport them safely and out of public sight. The mental health part of it depends how annoying the FCO wants to be in regards to what conditions are in the grey area. as i have not applied for one i have not had to give them permission to contact my GP for medical history.
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    Maybe it's me, but I won't even bother to read that again.
    I tried three times and I'm still not sure I got it.

    Lots of MA-people I know at the very least dabbled in other arts.
    That doesn't mean they will be able to defend themselves better if it would get serious.
    Or even that it means most martial artists dabble in others art.
    It just means that one of "my" clubs offers four arts, and half the people at least look into another art.

    I could even imagine quite the contrary (regarding defending themselves): If you train the whole spectrum, you have tons of stuff to chose from, that needs to get into (muscle)memory, you have to be able to recall it properly and you will have only a few things who will do in the end. Oh, yeah, and learning it in the first place.
    When we do free attacks against each other, I always tend to do the same techniques so far, but these are burnt into my head and muscle memory. It even annoys me at times, because I want to do something else - but as soon as it becomes a real surprise I will do it again.

    I also noticed that I did a different technique during technique-training, when I was distracted (I know, for that alone I should have eaten what ever was coming at me :D ), instead of what we were supposed to do.
    At these times I just switched to another technique, I just did more often or was, for me, a better alternative, because it "feels better" for me; I always notice and go back to the current one of course, but at these moments I at the very least notice, that I developed some sort of reflexes.

    People who "only" do one art are way more specialized though.
    Tons of people say, for example, "X can do BJJ, he would have no problem taking a Taekwondoin down", but they don't remember that x would have to get close enough first.
    Admittedly, if they would end up on the ground, the Taekwondoin would have a problem, but getting close to a good TKDin is not that easy.

    Or my favorite: "He only does Judo. He will never be able to eat a punch, because they only grab in the clothes and don't do much."
    I try to only roll my eyes when I hear things like that, but it doesn't work
  12. Dead_pool

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    Thanks for expanding on that.

  13. Rataca100

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    (not quoted all of it, just a general response)

    See above for the revision of emphasis i put on it. You dont need to learn to do everything, just enough so you are not winging it, for example learning how to escape for ground fighting and how to fight saomone who is on the ground or guard on the ground and break fall, you dont need to learn how to joint lock somone on the ground or much outside of escaping it and stopping them from keeping you down there. You can over specialize, you know sods law is you need the thing you dont have. XP

    “A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.”

    No problem.
  14. SCA

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    It doesn't surprise me at all when people consider Tai Chi Chuan ineffective as a martial art.

    Finding a true master to train under is increasingly rare, and I would implore anyone who gets such a chance to not miss that opportunity.
  15. ned

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    I remember doing a freestyle push hands competition a few years back. I did a front leg sweep to win the point and my mate watching remarked after how one of the people watched made a comment along the lines of "ah, judo".
    To me (never done judo) that illustrates that many techniques/mechanics are universal and it's the cultural trappings and training methodology that are different.
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  16. El Medico

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    "Hard" style?" What the heck does that mean? A punch in the schnoz is a punch in the schnoz.At least where I come from.

    But maybe your right,maybe the fighting T'ai Chi died out in the 90s.The 1990s. You're so adamant about the subject of TC's combat non applicability but are totally unaware (well,why wouldn't you be?) that from the 1950s at least into the 1990s Wu(Ng) and Yang practitioners were participating in open tourneys in Taiwan,Malaysia,Singapore,Hong if you believe me on that then I suppose you must think they lost every fight,huh? Or they all had to cross train in something else,right?

    Prove it? Well,I guess you need to go look up old papers and mags (they're in Chinese,of course) to read about those tourneys.

    And this was "full contact" before the US Karate people started their laughable PKA type "full contact" in the 1970s.They sure weren't doing ippon tourneys like most of those "bad ass" Karate types in both Japan and the West were doing.

    I realize my statements are all anecdotal also.So start crackin' them old publications!

    + those funny "extra" mechanics we use!
  17. Dead_pool

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    Are there many people teaching the full contact style of tai chi anymore, if so are they the mainstream, if not, why not?

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