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    Monday (24/07/17)

    Karate @ 90 minutes

    The numbers were very poor at training tonight, with just 10 students (plus Sensei and Sempai) turning up, so, we were given a choice of lesson - Either Deconstructing Kata (my vote) or Chokes and Holds (which was the winning vote) - We spend about 60 minutes on this, working on (mostly) compliant variations of Rear Naked Choke (both in deep under the chin, and as a jaw/neck crank), Scarf Hold, Gi Chokes (Kneeling, from your back and from on top) and Arm Traingle (on the ground and standing)

    We then continued the theme with 15 minutes of Back-toBack, None-compliant (but not going at it 100%) 'Playing' for (any of the above) Chokes Randori - Which was both a lot of fun, and at the same time fairly painful (keeping my neck modile now, so that it doesn't seize up tonight)

    Finally, we spent the last 15 minutes back on the (mostly) compliant side of the fence, running thru the same Chokes / Holds, but this time with the introduction of a Kubotan (for the Choker, not the Chokee) which we used as both a Joint Manipulation tool, and as a Striking tool, used to creat openings.

    Not the lesson I wanted, but definitely a lesson that I enjoyed, and one that I was ultimately happy that I (and a few others) was out voted for.

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    Tuesday (25/07/17)

    I awoke this morning with a little discolouration / bruising around my neck, as well as a little stiffness, but nothing as bad as I was expecting... Which was a plus. (!)

    I jumped straight in with a couple of Escalating Rep Count Strength Exercises today - Push Ups (varying between Incline, Decline and Standard push ups) and Bicep Curls (varying between Regular Grip on the rep increase, and Hammer Grip on the rep decrease) - Both of these started with just 1 rep, working incrementally up to 10 reps, then all the way back down to a single rep again. (100 reps in total of each)

    I spent the afternoon up the park with the family today, where my Wife bumped into one of her 'Mum' friends, so I decided to steal myself away for 30 minutes (or so) for some Hill / Trail Running, whilst they had a natter - The perimetre of the park is 850 metres around the outskirts, with a 200 metre enclosed play area, with attached car park - I did a total of 6 laps around the outskirts, walking thru the play area to check in on my family with each lap, which also doubled as my rest period.

    The total (running) distance for this little outing was 5.25km, with a time of 27m 57s - Whilst this was a relatively short overall run, with walking breaks added between each 850m lap, the nature of the terrain really added to its difficulty for me. The first 3rd (plus) of this route is uphill, starting with a 180 metres (fairly gradual) incline, that lead up a 90 degree turn, and straight into another, much harsher (150m) incline, so by the time I got to the 340 metre straight mud track that ran along the top length of the park, I was always pretty puffed - Definitely need to do this one again...

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    Wednesday (26/07/17) Rest Day

    Thursday (27/07/17)

    Headed out into the garage for half an hour on the Heavy-Bag*, working 6 x 4 minute Tabata Rounds, randomly alternating between Hands Only, Feet Only and All In, giving myself a 60 second rest between each round.

    (Note: *This turned out to be a School boy error in judgment, as I'd assumed that this evening's Karate session would be a light Kata based session, and anyone who has seen Under Seige 2, should know exactly what assumption is the mother of...)

    Karate @ 90 minutes

    The session started of pretty relaxed, with group Kata, working thru them at around 50%, until you reach the highest Kata you know. We then paired up for some Peer-to-Peer Kata analysis, where we perform a Kata for our partner (it was suggested that we pick our favourite Kata, but I went with Saifa, which is my least favourite, and the one I feel that I need more time on) and then they give us a break down of what they thought went really well with the performance, along with a couple of work on points for future reference.

    Next up broken down into groups of 5 (2 with Kick-shields, 1 with Hand Pads, 1 with Thai Pads, and 1 striker stood in the centre, who switched places with one of the pad holders, following each round) for approximately 30 minutes of Blowing Drills - The rounds for the 1st set of these was only meant to be 45 seconds long, but Sensei said that we all took 2 minutes longer than he liked to get kitted up, and get to our work areas, so he made the rounds 2 minutes 45 seconds long as a 'punishment'.

    Once all 5 people in each group had their rounds in the centre, we ran the drill again, now for a single 8 minute round, with all the swaps at either the striker , or 1 of the pad holders discretion. The only rule was that any lag in striking, that took place during the change overs, would result in penalty time being added to the round. (Only 1 group did the 8 minutes, with my group ending up doing a 10 minute round, and the 3rd group an 11 minute round)

    The last 20 minutes of the session was then spent on some very relaxed Standing (from Heiko dachi) Kihon - Covering at least 20 reps each of Hiza Geri, Mae Geri, Kin Geri, Uraken, Age Uke, Uchi Uke, Gedan Barai, Kake Uke and Mawashi Uke, with the focus for all being zero tension.

    All in all a bloody hard day I'd say, by my standards at least...

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    Friday (28/07/17)

    I honestly thought that I'd be suffering a lot more this morning, and that I'd need to make today a Rest Day

    Alas, despite a fairly poor nights sleep, I am still feeling pretty tip top - Roll on an early Arm/Chest Session: (7 sets each of the following)
    • 9 x Push Ups (alternating every 3rd rep between Incline, Decline & Level)
    • 9 x 11kg Bicep Curls (each arm)
    • 9 x 20kg Press (alternating between narrow and wide grip)
    • 9 x 10kg Double Forearm Curls
    • 9 x 10kg Pull Overs (narrow grip)
    Got a case of the Jelly arms going on now, which I think (coupled with yesterday) has earned me rest until Sunday.

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    Sunday (30/07/17)

    Finished work early today, so headed straight into the garage for a few rounds on the Heavy-Bag, which I offset with a few Kilometre Laps

    • 3 minute Heavy-Bag Tabata rounds (30 seconds rest)
    • 1km Road Run (30 seconds rest)
    • 3 minutes Heavy-Bag Tabata rounds (30 seconds rest)
    • 1km Road Run (30 seconds rest)
    • 3 minutes Heavy-Bag Tabata rounds (30 seconds rest)
    • 1km Road Run (30 seconds rest)
    • 3 minutes Heavy-Bag Tabata rounds
    Had a little trouble breathing during the running portion of this drill, due to a tightness around my chest, which felt not too dissimilar to being bear hugged a little too tightly.

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    Monday (31/07/17)

    Karate @ 100 Minutes

    Quite a varied session this evening - starting off with a single, light (50%) run thru of Ichi, Ni, Saifa and Seyunchin, to get ourselves warmed up. The warm up then continued with an abridged version of the Blowing Drill that we did on Thursday evening, working for just a single 2 minute round today, with the changes in and out of the centre (striker) at our discretion.

    Continuing with the Pad Drills theme, Sensei put together a little Pad Circuit/Gauntlet (still in our groups of 5 from the blowing drill exercise) with 4 stations, working on Preemptive strikes of our choice, first walking between each station, and gradually getting faster, until the last couple of laps were a sprint. To test our 'awareness under fatigue' we were then given a 'running' order for the next few laps. of which pad stations to Strike, and which to run straight past - The sequence was different for each lap, so by the 2nd or 3rd lap, most of us were getting it wrong (including Sensei)

    Now that we were all warmed up (and more than a little sweaty) we paired off (I went with my brother, which is always fun..... and challenging) for 5 x 1 minute rounds of Light Contact Sparring - The additional aim of which was, that once Sensei yelled 'Go' we had to attempt to get round the back of our partner (alternated each time it was called) - If we managed it, we went straight back to sparring, if we failed, we had to lift our partners clear of the ground, then drop and do 5 Push Ups. The 'Goes' came pretty thick and fast, with a couple of them coming whilst I was still doing my Push Ups, which made getting my back a little easier for my brother (Think I must have snuck in around 50 push ups all in all during this particular exercise)

    Still in our pairs, we calmed things down (temorarily) and ran thru a Passive Passing Drill - as we walked towards each other, our partner would try to prevent us from passing, by just placing a hand/arm in the way, which we had to redirect/get around. After a few rounds of this, the 'aggressor' then gradually became more and more forceful with his 'blockade' and if we did manage to get passed them, without getting wrapped up, but didn't create enough distance for ourselves in doing so, they were permitted (encouraged) to land a head strike. (Striking, or even overt aggression however, was not permitted by the 'passive partner' and was penalized by 5 push ups each time - Lost count of how many I did here... Lol)

    Finally, still running the above drill, the 'Aggressor' could now pick and choose the level of his hostility, and the 'Passive partner' had to gauge the appropriate level of response - Which were now allowed to include preemptive strikes (Yay!) - But, take too long to respond, and even what started out as a low level approach, could result in a smack in the chops!!!

    Tuesday (01/08/17) Rest Day

    Wednesday (02/08/17) Rest / Recovery Day

    Had a nice little 30/40 minute Tabata Circuit session planned for today, but what was an underlying back ache yesterday, managed to progress into some pretty uncomfortable back spasms throughout the night... o_O

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    Thursday (03/07/17)

    Still feeling a little niggle with my back, (though far better than it was yesterday) so I decided to take things really easy today, with some EHOH Kata, done at a walkthrough pace, with a focus on precise body mechanics.
    • 9am - Gekisai Di Ichi
    • 10am - Tensho
    • 11am - Shisochin
    • Noon - Saifa*
    • 1pm - Gekisai Di Ni
    • 2pm - Sanseru
    • 3pm - Seyunchin
    (Note: *Managed to iron out a little issue with 1st turn, that up until today, I hadn't really noticed that was having - So the day was not a total loss at least)

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    Friday (04/07/17)

    Feeling all tip top and fighting (???) fit today, so jumped straight back in with some TRX / Bodyweight 4 minute Tabata Drills alternating the exercise each minute of each Tabata.

    Tabata 1:
    Bicep Curls / 'Y' Flyes / Tricep Curls / Low Row.

    Tabata 2:
    Squats / Calf Raises / Reverse Lunges / Hamstring Curls

    Tabata 3:
    Crunches / Mason Twists / Leg Raises / Plank

    Tabata 4:
    Incline Push Ups / Push Ups / Incline Push Ups / Push Ups

    Tabata 5:
    'Y' Flyes / Plank / Calf Raises / Push Ups

    Tabata 6:
    Bicep Curls / Mason Twists / Squats / Incline Push Ups

    Tabata 3 and 4 were a bit more of a struggle than any of the others, but it was nice to be able to get back to 'work'

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    Saturday (05/08/17)

    Actually broke a bit of a sweat at the Kids Karate class this morning, running the little ones thru Break Falls, before moving onto O'soto Gari / Outer Reaping Sweep for the remainder of the session.

    Warmed up nicely from the kids session, I decided to head straight out for a Road Run when I got home - 10km @ 53m 56s - Which I was very happy with, because A) It was my 2nd best 10km time, and B) Compared to the last time I went out, there was an improvement of over 30 seconds per km for each an every km (Though that was when I was having some breathing / chest restriction issues)

    What I did NOT like though, was being stung on the temple area, not once, but twice by a bloody Wasp - Though I guess the 2nd sting was technically my fault, as I completely missed when trying to swat it away following its 1st attack, knocking my shades off in the process, then as I fumbled to save my glasses with 1 hand, and deal with winged assailant with the other he struck again...!!!

    I'm supposed to be heading to a 'festival' this eveing, at Sir John Moore (Army) Barracks this evening, my 1st time going there since attending basic training back 1999 and the side of my head is all red and swollen :mad: Lol

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    Sunday (06/08/17) Rest Day

    Monday (07/08/17)

    I threw together a full-body (ish) workout, that also worked up a bit of a sweat, which took me less than 10 minutes (I had next to no time this morning) and one that I may just roll out again, when I find myself similarly strapped for time -
    5 x Push Ups / 6 x Bicep Curls / 7 x Goblet Squats / 8 x Crunches / 9 seconds rest and then repeated for 10 rounds.

    Karate @ 90 minutes

    I was asked to get the class started tonight, as Sensei was still caught in traffic - I ran the whole class thru Kata to start with - Ichi, Ni, Saifa and Seyunchin - before moving on, firstly with some Standing Kihon, specifically isolating a couple of problem techniques that had been highlighted in their initial Kata work - Uchi Uke (with Muchimi) and Downward Hammerfist (from Saifa) then with some Moving Kihon - Limited to just the Kicking Sequence (from Ichi / Ni)

    It was during this last drill that Sensei arrived, but he did not take over class, instead allowing me to continue, as he sat to the side making notes. (???*)

    Next up, I paired them all off for some Bunkai, with the task of coming up with something for the Kicking Sequence, (either as a whole, or with select techniques found within) which they would then display for analysis/critique from rest of the group. Finally, they worked on constructing a Flow Drill for Gekisai Di Ni, with each pair being allocated a different piece to work on, who then had to teach back what they had come up with to the rest of the pairs, so that they could all perform each part, and we could then start piecing them all together - We did not get to practice all sections though, so did not get to complete the whole sequence.

    (Note: *Turns out was being marked on my teaching/lesson plan and session structure this evening, as well as being tested on how I coped with having to run an entire adults session - Something I had only done with specific grade groups up until this point - and will have a few things to work on moving forward.)

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    Tuesday (08/08/17)

    One of the students in the adult class, who failed his 1st kyu grading the first time around, and who literally only just passed by the skin of his teeth on the second attempt, has been getting in a lot of extra work (in his spare time) with the help of some of his peers - I for instance have given him unrestricted access to my garage/heavy-bag.

    Today however was my chance to get a little (lot!) more hands on with him, as we got together to run thru a few Sparring and Pad Drills...

    6 x 2 minute (Tabata*) rounds of Milling - Working on just striking (the pros and cons), the pitfalls of focusing too much on defense, without throwing anything back and finally (for 4 out of the 6 rounds) working on counterstriking, using range and angle to your advantage. (*No rest periods during the rounds, instead using the 10 second period to up the intensity)

    2 x 2 minute (Tabata*) rounds of Throws/Takedowns - Stand up striking free sparring, working on opportunies to create openings to close the distance/shoot, to pull off a throw/takedown (*just striking for the 20 seconds work period of each round, going for the throw/takedowns during the 10 second period)

    1 x 4 minute (Tabata) round of Padwork - 20 seconds on, 10 seconds of multiple combination strikes on the Hand-pads, utilizing a multitude of different strikes (Jabs, cross, hooks, slaps, hammer-fists, backfists, elbows, uppercuts...) used in random combination.

    8 x 1 minute (Tabata*) rounds of Ground Defense/Counterstriking from open guard - This was a pretty low-intensity drill, working on pulling the attacker in, counterstrikes, differences of defense, dependant on the attacks from the top (hook, hammer-fists, straight strikes) and being able to successfully transition out.

    Finally, we did a 3 strike Combination on the Thai-Pads - Cross, Rear Elbow, Rear Leg Mawashi Geri, stepping foward after each kick, to repeat the drill on the other side, and continue until we made it alway across the length of the hall (We did this 2 times each)

    Not sure I'd run it the same, if I had to do it all again, but he said he got a lot out of it, and ended up taking quite a few notes, and that was ultimately why we were there.

    Wednesday (09/08/17)

    Taking it easier today, with a much simplar day planned, with just 3 x EMOM Arm Exercises for 10 minutes/11 reps each of Bicep Curls, 'Y' Flyes and Triceps Curls, all on the TRX

    My arms were already feeling pretty jellyish this morning, following yesterdays fun and games, so maybe this wasn't the best choice...

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    Thursday (10/08/2017)

    5 More 10 minute EMOM Sessions today, this time with 15 reps each of Forearm Grips, Crunches, Squats, Mason Twists* and Calf Raises. Yesterday’s all arm EMOMs were understandably a lot harder than alternating between core and legs was today, but it was still an hour well spent

    (Note: *These were originally meant to be Ab Rollouts, but each set of 15 took around 50 seconds, and I wasn’t looking for that much of a sustained workout today)

    Karate @ 90 Minutes

    Sensei wanted to run a session on Tomoe-Nage (Circle sacrifice throw) but a small (3) group of the junior grade students hadn't covered so much as a Break-Fall Session yet, so that is what I started off with - Foward, Backward and Side falls were all covered pretty quickly, but Rolling Break-Falls proved to be some what of a sticking point, with only 1 of the 3 managing it with any success - I decided to move on, regardless of the continued issues, as the ability to perform a rolling break-fall would not be a requirement for the coming takedowns.

    Next up, I 'introduced' them to Ashi Barai (Foot Sweep) which they had of course already come across in our 1st 2 Kata, but had yet to try them out on a partner. After some time spent on the mecahnics of the technique, and a couple of variations on application (inside targets leg, outside targets leg, behind targets leg) I allowed them to start trying them out on each other (and me) compliantly at first (letting the leg be taken out) then making them work for it (taking the balance/distrupting the posture) in order for it to work.

    I reluctantly (as 1 of the 3 was still landing pretty awkwardly) moved on to O' Soto Gari (Outer Reaping Sweep) next, but decided to keep this as a 100% compliant level, for safety reasons - Everyone was landing pretty well at this point, pulling off some fairly nice takedowns too, so instead of pushing our luck, we left it there and spent the final 5 mins (or so) observing the other groups activities (which just made me jealous... Lol)

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    Friday (11/08/17) Rest Day

    Saturday (12/08/17)

    Headed up to Whitehorse Hill in Uffington today, which is a beautiful heritage spot near me, for today's workout. My Wife invited my Instructors wife, so whilst they both had a lovely stroll with the kids and the dog, I went for a very Hilly Cross-country Run - 4.84km @ 30m 16s - I don't mind admitting that I my pace was reduced to a walk at 3 points along the route, due to the severity of the incline (The 1st 2 of which I almost needed to put my hands to the ground, to make it to the top)

    I then had to re-walk most of the route, just to track down and meet up with my family... Lol


    This was more tiring than I was anticipating, which was both a good thing (didn't wanna slack off today) and a not so good (Don't remember it being this hard last time - Though my pace was slower then)
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    Sunday (13/08/17)

    Just a quick (25/30 mins) trip in to the garage for me today, for a little work on the Heavy-Bag - Rounds 1 thru 6 were just 30 seconds long (with 30 seconds rest between each) working on specific techniques for each.

    Round 1 - Single Power Punches
    Round 2 - Jab, Cross, 'Tackle' the bag
    Round 3 - Continuous Straight Punches
    Round 4 - 4 Straight Cross', 4 Hooks
    Round 5 - Pyramid Striking*
    Round 6 - Rear Cross, Rear Elbow, Mawashi Geri

    (* From Iain Abernethy's Bag Workout Podcast - Starting with just a Jab, then Jab, Cross / Jab, Cross, Hook / Jab, Cross, Hook, Cross then working back down in reverse order)

    Rounds 7, 8 & 9 were more free flowing, with only a couple of broad limitations

    Round 7 - Hands Only
    Round 8 - Feet Only
    Round 9 - Anything goes

    (1 minutes rest, then repeat all 9 rounds again)

    Then, for a slight change of pace, I finished the session off with 1 x Sanchin Kata and 1 x Tensho Kata to cool down.

    Felt just the right amount of pooped, without over reaching...

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    Monday (14/08/17)

    Karate @ 100 minutes

    Got to class a little early today, so warmed myself up with some End-to-End Kata - Ichi, Ni, Saifa and Seynchin without breaks, moving from the last move of each Kata, straight in to the 1st move of the next.

    (My Sempai was required to go and train at another club for 6 months, as a part of his 2nd Dan, and tonight the Instructor of that club came along to observe Sempai running a 'Teach back' lesson, covering just some of the aspects that they had covered together.)

    The initail part of our warm-up was something that I usually refer to as a Football Warm-Up - Running laps around the Dojo, touching 1 or both hands to the floor, sprinting the length, dropping to do Push Ups etc... all on command. The warm-up then continued with Push Ups, Crunches and Squats, before progressing on to Running Lengths of the Dojo with a partner on our backs, doing 3 Squats, then Running back again.

    Next up, they ran us thru some Conditioning Drills - Firstly, exchanging multiple body shots (punches) then trading Kicks (No headshots) and then finally attackers choice. Having covered stand-up striking, they then moved us on to some Grappling Drills - From a kneeling position, we started with playing for grips, then worked on going for Chokes/Holds, which we then repeated, this time allowing strikes. (Both drills ran for several rounds, with just as many partner changes along the way)

    That was the end of the 'overtly' physical aspect of the session, with Bunkai making up the remainder of the time - Specifically Set Bunkai (Something we do not do)
    for Ichi, which they have 5 set pieces for and Ni, which they have 8 set peices for. (Interestingly, for me at least, the vast majority of their Bunkai all end in either a takedown or a throw)

    It was good to see how another club operates, and how their emphasis on prolonged cardio to start a session, would have a massive impact on what you bring to the table for the more technical aspects of the session (Plus, I always feel accomplished when I leave an almost perfect torso outline of sweat on the ground, every time I was taken down)

    Tuesday (15/08/17)

    Set myself aside 30 minutes today, for another Arm/Shoulders EMOM Session - Working for 12 reps/7 minutes each - Bicep Curls / Low Row / Tricep Curls / Forearm Grips - on the TRX

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    Wednesday (16/08/17)

    Back on the Heavy-Bag again today, this time for 10 x 3 minute Tabata Rounds, with 50 seconds rest between each round. I aimed to keep the work rate pretty high (for me) on this, averaging around 204 Strikes per 3 min round/2 min Work Period - I had to drop my work rate by around 40-50% during minutes 1 and 2 of round 10, as my techniques were becoming increasingly sloppy, but ramped things back up again for the final minute.

    After another 50 second breather, I ran myself thru Sanchin and Tensho Kata, to cool/slow myself down...

    ...and that was me done for the day!

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    Thursday (17/08/17)

    Today was meant to start with another EMOM Strength Session, but I found myself in one of my worst lethargic and motivational 'funks' for quite some time! :confused:

    Karate @ 90 minutes

    Dragged myself along to training tonight, despite still not really feeling it, and I am SO glad that I did...

    Plenty of Phys. to start with - Shuttle Runs (both with and without a partner on our back) Burpees, Push Ups, Squats (again, with a partner on our back)

    We then repeated the Body Condition Drills (Body/Leg shots only) that we did during Monday's session.

    (Note: We were informed that this would be our warm up for the next 6 weeks, with a gradual incline in reps/intensity, as a request for 'more fitness work' had been issued by some of the members)

    Lastly, we revisited the Set Bunkai pieces that we started to learn last session, firstly revising what we'd already covered for Ichi, before moving on to the pieces for Ni, which we didn't get around to last time.

    (Note: Last session I partnered with one of the white belts for the Bunkai, so was mostly walking her thru the techniques. Tonight my partner, whilst still a junior grade, was a lot more confident and capable, so we were both able to get mych more 'stuck in'...)

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    Friday (18/08/17) Rest Day

    Saturday (19/08/17)

    Finally managed to squeeze in the Hour Long EMOM Session that I'd planned to do on Thursday - 6 Exercises x 10 minutes each.

    • Narrow Arm Push Ups (8 reps)
    • Squats (12 reps)
    • Crunches (12 reps)
    • Bicep Curls (10 reps)
    • Calf Raises (12 reps)
    • Wide Arm Push Ups (10 reps)
    Really liking these EMOM routines, I just wish I'd found out about them sooner.


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    Sunday (20/08/17)

    Back out on the Heav-Bag again this morning, making it only my 3rd visit in 8 days (which whilst an improvement, really does still feel quite low...)

    2 x 10 x 45 second rounds (with 15 seconds rest between each) starting off with a Punch Combos for round 1, then adding an additional strike with each round, until I reached 6 punch Combos, and then working my way back down again. I took a 4-5 minute rest, following the 1st 10 rounds, in which time a took relaxed run through of both Sanchin and Tensho Kata, before repeating the whole exercise again (including the Kata)

    I awoke to a slight hip ache today, so decided to give kicks a miss. (It didn't help though, as my use of hips during all the punching drills was still enough to aggravate it...)


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