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» Event Payment
Pay For Your Event Advert Using PayPal
To pay for your event using PayPal click the button below and follow the onscreen instructions.

Remember, the cost of your advert is 50% of the maximum ticket cost for regular members but only 25% for Supporting members. Consider Supporting MAP to get a discount on your event adverts in addition to many other perks for helping to keep the site going.

Advert cost:


Your thread's title:

We will try to authorise your advert within 24 hours of receiving payment, but please note that adverts may take several days to go live. We strongly recommend you to advertise your event as far in advance as possible. If your advert is for an event within the next 7 days, contact an admin before paying for your event to ensure that we can process it before your event happens. If you make a payment for an event within 7 days and you have not contacted an admin, refunds will be entirely at our discretion.

By clicking on the "Pay For Event" button you are confirming that you have read the Event rules and that you take full responsibility for the content of your advert and the suitability of your event. Breaches of the rules may result in your advert being rejected, and refunds in such situations are again at our discretion. We will attempt to work with you to bring your advert in line with our rules in these circumstances.

If you encounter any problems with this system, contact Aegis by Private Message or Email.

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