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Old 06-Mar-2016, 01:02 PM
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Just to revisit this thread, I've now seen Balicki's set. It's very good, but as predicted it's less in depth but more broad ranging. The two sets would actually be very complimentary to each other. The Balicki one is more of a complete look at Kali empty hands, showcasing all 5 skills, whereas Sullivan's is primarily Panantukan. There are only elements of Kino Mutai and a little bit of Pananjakman, but there is easily as much Dumog and Hubud as there is Panantukan. In fact it is one of the most in depth Hubud instructionals I've seen. On the Panantukan front there's footwork drills and 2 man drills which the Sullivan one doesn't have, but obviously the focus mitt drills on the Sullivan one dwarf this one. Indeed you have to bear in mind that the Sullivan one is only marginally shorter and is just pad drills.
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Old 10-May-2017, 09:59 AM
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Thanks Ben!

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Thanks ben that was very helpful!!!
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