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Old 20-Apr-2015, 05:54 AM
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I personally have come to believe in this one of two ways, though definitely a major factor in my current belief of how all this works is that the electromagnetic field of the body contributes to most of the things people attribute to some kind of energy. It's either that all these different things are made up by the field, or there is an actual energy that works in conjunction with it, and if we had to place a name for that energy, I'd say it's Dark Energy, which in the scientific community is a form of energy that can't be measured and is only known to interact with gravity.

Personally, I have not felt a lot of changes in my personal 'energy' though during different relaxation and meditation techniques (I am a practitioner of Chen style Tai Chi) I have noticed a lot of things that seem to apply to a field rather than a radiating energy.

I think this all has to do with our blood flow, if you notice a huge goal in the stretching and relaxing methods taught in the 'softer' martial arts and in meditation are to improve blood flow and reduce conscious thought. Blood flow improving due to a more relaxed body will allow your field to become stronger, while reducing conscious thought will allow you to listen to the messages we are given by our electromagnetic field. Just like any other sense, we are given information through the interaction of our field and others, and what we often call instinct is actually the information presented to us through this interaction of fields.

If you consider this, it's why people tell you that when taking a multiple choice test, you should always go with your first instinct, it's not some magical process, it's that your brain has already worked out what it thinks is the best response on the page, then we start thinking about it and muck it up and second guess ourselves. When you actually remove all the cluttered thought you'll start realizing how much you actually are being told by your electromagnetic field and by your other subconscious processes.

Lets take the biggest example I can get people to really relate to, we've all felt like we were being watched before, when we were! That's just something that has happened to many people, and that's built into us. When we were animals out in the wild, we didn't think in words like we do now, our thoughts were more basic then because of what we needed to think about. When something is watching you secretively, you need a way to figure out that's happening or you might get killed! So when our electromagnetic field feels that of another creature with that 'hunting instinct' coming at us, it sends us a message saying 'something is looking at you!' that we all know how to translate. It can't give you words, it gives you feelings. How many other things are there it can translate for us?

I at first considered that example, and all other things as if there was some sort of energy being projected, but after feeling how magnetic the properties of it were, and how it is always talked about as a shroud almost, and that I've seen my own field pulsing in a rotational direction, I believe it to be all about fields and information.

Read This Post if you're interested in more of what I'm talking about. I don't know if my message came across clear or jumbled based on how much I tried to fit in a reasonably sized post. But if anyone has any questions or wants to know more I'd love to help.

Link removed.

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Old 15-Apr-2017, 12:42 AM
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I guess its kind of like an eclectic form of energy...or exuberance...otherwise we could just call it healthy living and loving..or otherwise Life energy..?
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Old 15-Apr-2017, 12:43 AM
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Is Love and emotion connected to Chi in some way?

Are the powers of Love and Fear more powerful than Life(Chi)?
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