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Old 10-Dec-2013, 01:10 PM
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Originally Posted by huntman View Post
I have to say people try to access the internet and find out who is who. Unfortunately, everyone seems busy verifying everyone's claims and badmouthing each other that, to a newbie makes ...everyone seems the charlatan. There, my friends seems to be the trap of lineage. you can make claims that you were taught by so and so all you want, all day long. If however you show up thinking about your girlfriend who dumped you, or you are drunk all the time or whatever is hamstringing your age has set in and you cannot perform certain moves...... are you still allowed to claim your an awesomebadass? Or are you living off the glory of lineage. Im not saying Either of these men deserve to make a living off martial arts. But lineage seems like an antiquated crutch to justify some who may not be able to explain, teach or pull off the moves.
What is the hurt of living off your own name, your own skills? (yes I know some people are going to be buthurt about this post) but hey Im a newbie.
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Originally Posted by THEFOREVERMAN
Hannibal He is a cannibal. Literally. He will eat you alive with words. He lives in Canada, 40 years old and I am sure he's single. No woman would ever want him
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Old 31-Dec-2013, 09:25 PM
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Wow, that was really well put together. First I need to say that I agree with that entire post, I couldnt find a single thing misguideing or wrong about it at all. Second I have to say Damn aint it a shame, folks in 2013 can get taken by a charlatan like that.
You know I dont see martial arts getting anything but more and more popular in the near future and Im even starting to think that at some point there going to be viewed as a very mainstream part of our culture (American).
It seems apparent to me that a standard needs to be set at a national if not global level that offers a realistic concept of violence and how to handle it, fact and fantasy are all to often confused on the silver screen and on the mat at local clubs, gyms and Dojos.
Wouldnt it be great if American high schools offered some sort of manditory anger and violence containment class where students were taught some basic self defense concepts and some basic anger management skills. Kinda a utopian Idea maybe but oh well I guess.

Great post, and thanks for shareing.
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Old 03-Nov-2016, 03:07 AM
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yes I now do brother... sorry to be o long but I just finished my applied research.... you can see my work in the book.. removed. reviews will be coming in over the next few weeks..... They are from professionals in many relevant fields....
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Old 18-Feb-2017, 11:11 AM
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It kind of bugs me when Ninjutsu is considered a martial art. Ninjutsu is the modern term for what spies in feudal Japan (or some Japan i dont know, prior to modern) used to use. spies dont go around killing people, granted they are trained to defend themselves and to perform assassinations (which they do now and then, not as a career though) they mainly recover information and do acts of sabotage. The main skill of a spy is charisma to talk his/her way out of trouble, not go on a killing rampage. Kind of silly to give someone who teaches (out dated and probably flawed) spying techniques to people who dont meet the criteria for modern intelligence agents. I dont know mucha bout any of this, just the misconception fo what spies do and how useful a system primarily aimed at spy work (or should be) is to a civilian. (dont think i need to mention intelligence work has become a lot more sophisticated since what ninjutsu is meant to be based on)

Ninjuitsui seems good for SOME reenactment purposes but its just meh. Ninja craze indeed. I cant speak for the hall of fame, but they indeed wont get any award from me. :P
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