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Old 22-Feb-2010, 03:04 AM
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Great Post

Thanks for the info and the manner by which it is presented and thought out. A lot of work went into this. The "flow stuff I was looking for and maybe you will post some of that on here later.

Please talk a look at these videos and tell me what you think (visit website The guys study the form of Tai Chi and try to apply it when transitioning from standup-to clinch-to takedown and to ground work..... in AngelsGym our method and philosophy of flow comes from the ancient idea that from form we learn about ourselves and fromsparring we learn about others. The two are interdepent because we believe in Lao Tzu's adoge, "Know yourself and know your enemy win every time,know yourselfand don't know enemy and you win some and lose some, don't know yourselfor your enemyand lose every time...

We know there are other philosophies that work but here is were we start fromand we invite additions to these foundational concepts



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Old 20-Apr-2010, 06:11 AM
Commander Nitro Commander Nitro is offline
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Very cool info. Looking forward to your next post

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Old 08-Dec-2010, 01:51 PM
AnxietyCoachJoh AnxietyCoachJoh is offline
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This is great! It's really hard to explain/teach martial arts in pen and paper, but you did a very good job.
Thanks for sharing Dave!
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Old 20-Jan-2011, 12:09 AM
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i know this,i training it in jet kune do
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Old 11-Mar-2011, 03:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Infected View Post
i know this,i training it in jet kune do
"Jet Kune Do"? Is this from Boeing?

Sorry, I could not resist

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Old 14-May-2011, 09:54 AM
jilson jilson is offline
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Really amazing

Thank you for such a nice post.

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Old 14-May-2011, 09:55 AM
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Old 14-May-2011, 01:25 PM
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great post
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Old 12-Jul-2011, 11:34 PM
The warrior The warrior is offline
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Not too bad. You had some pretty good pics that showed a lot which is very important for this type of article.
Love learning about martial arts and history?
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Old 25-Jul-2011, 10:38 AM
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really great post
There is no "better" or "worse" martial art...the question simply is how you are good at it.
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Old 23-Oct-2011, 11:39 PM
Tom O'Brien Tom O'Brien is offline
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Great for basics!

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Old 27-Oct-2011, 09:39 AM
Gracie JiuJitsu Gracie JiuJitsu is offline
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Just interjecting some advise; don't only practice the basic drills, practice the complicated ones too so that you get a feel for grappling. Also, don't practice the drills without a coach watching over you, because you don't want to learn to do the drill wrong.
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Old 18-Nov-2011, 08:09 AM
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The exact way that i have been learning in my training, great thread my friend great stuff!
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Old 21-Nov-2011, 10:06 AM
dvoncannon3 dvoncannon3 is offline
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I learned some of this from some infantry guys in the army while I was deployed to the sandbox. I have always wondered how effective this is for a woman of my size and build to learn and use this? Almost always, I see very strong men of varying heights using grappling. Is there any practical use for a woman to try and use these if on her own and attacked? Especially against a man who is trying to harm her?
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Old 21-Nov-2011, 11:10 AM
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Grappling of any kind is a vital part of self defence training (IMO), particularly for women - given that attacks against women can often be with the intent of taking them to the ground for a sexual assault. Although there will often be a weight disadvantage, knowledge of grappling can be used to escape an attacker, particularly if they are unfamiliar with grappling.
"The presence of those seeking the truth is infinitely to be preferred to the presence of those who think they've found it.
Sir Terry Pratchett, Monstrous Regiment
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