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Old 12-May-2015, 03:48 AM
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Thats what it SHOULD be....sadly it usually isn't
Originally Posted by THEFOREVERMAN
Hannibal He is a cannibal. Literally. He will eat you alive with words. He lives in Canada, 40 years old and I am sure he's single. No woman would ever want him
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Old 30-Dec-2016, 11:38 AM
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I've done taekwondo, one thing that bugged me was that since I was so young, I didn't get a real black belt once I passed my belt exam. I got one of those wierd ones with two colors, I had to go to yet another expensive convention to get the true black belt. However, I did pass the same belt exam as the older guys who got a black belt.

As I've gotten older and more reflected I see that the belt system is simply good business. Most of the people who are gonna want to learn martial arts are kids, this has consquences for the way we teach. They have to learn in a way that makes the risk of injuries very low. WTF taekwondo is exelent for kids, they learn the kicks, get the cardio. Kids like belts, they want the belts, you have to give customers what they want. The customer is the parents and the kids, then you must have very light sparring with a higher focus on basics and combinations to make up for that. Belts is a good way to keep kids motivated to learn the movements of the martial art, because they want to fight, their vision is to become a fighter, so I replace that with becoming a black belt until it I feel comfortable with them sparring for real. I don't feel comfortable with impulsive kids using neck-cranks, punching each other in the face, the kids training must be different.

The important thing is to set achivable goals for each belt, so you have a plan on how to train them, for this you need to know how the skill develops. For taekwondo it is apchagi, turning into dollya chagi by pivoting the standing leg and bringing your shin diagonal to the ground before kicking. So you need to know apchagi first, so that would obviously be for white belts.

A lot of people got really upset when I told them I bought a gold belt on amazon. To me the "supreme master" belt is just a costume. I put it on for the kids to play mr. Myagi, I tell this to their parents and everybody likes it, everybody think it is a great idea. They like that the kids get to earn something.

Another part of it is that if you wear gi and belts it really helps keeping the thugs out, I did mma for some years and we always had thugs that got in, lost their temper in sparring, and quit after being easily beaten by some nerd who had practised longer. Everybody training here now is very well adjuested, we crack jokes and have fun, it is a very good social enviroment.

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Old 29-Jan-2017, 11:01 PM
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As a relatively new black belt, I am well aware that there's a whole new world of taekwondo that I am getting to work on now. Our school stresses that a black belt makes me proficient in the basics and now, I have to learn how to use them. I appreciate the opportunity to work on specific techniques in detail- spin kick chambers, for example, and lately working on countering a sidekick. I've been a 2nd Dan for 3 months now- it has been 3 of my favorite months of my training- I feel like I'm starting to understand certain techniques and soaking things up faster than before.
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Old 17-Feb-2017, 07:25 PM
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I have been training in Taekwondo for 10 years now, and have achieved my 3rd degree black belt through Taekwondo, soon to be testing for my 4th degree. To me, having a black belt and BEING a black belt are two different things. Anyone can have a black belt; either through actually training to earn it, or simply buying it and saying they have it (holla to the McDojos!) but being a black belt is a way of life. I find new ways to apply the life skills and discipline that I have learned over the years in my everyday life too! A lot of people think about the cool moves that a black belt in Taekwondo probably knows, but there is an entire mental aspect of it too I think, if taken seriously.
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Old 20-Feb-2017, 10:55 AM
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From what my teacher said (paraphrase) "Coloured belts are the foundations and as a blackbelt you build upon that" (highlights why i dislike TKD as a defence method) Its not overly confidence inspiring when you are one of the lowest belts and basically everyone has got a Blue belt or higher. As a for the belt, it doesn't really mean much to me, i personally think combat ability should be a core reason for a belt promotion or it should symbolize the amount of time you have trained for or to show what you have been taught. On one side, it should just be a skill indicator and on the other it should be a time/"course" completion indicator, kind of to have a rudimentary chain of command, so the belt level above would be an intermediate to the last belt and can teach the ones below. But the belt itself, is worthless past a indicator of how long you have trained, what you have completed lesson wise or your dueling skill in comparison to that dojo. My vocabulary and English is not that good.

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